AIDS, Herpes, and Other Venereal Diseases Could Be Driven to Extinction By Muslims

Thereby Reducing Biodiversity

AIDS has largely skipped Muslims. In Africa the difference between Muslim and Non-Muslim countries is dramatic, on the order of a hundred to one. The statistics for other venereal diseases, herpes, hepatitis C, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and genital warts are more difficult to find, but it is reasonable to assume the pattern is similar.

The message is clear, Islam destroys the natural habitat of venereal diseases, and may actually drive them into extinction. As progressive thinkers we must reject speciesist thinking. We can not value one species above another. We can not value the human species above a species of bacteria that causes a venereal disease. How can we say that bacteria are less valuable than humans? If we value biodiversity above all else, we cannot calmly accept the spread of Islam and other conservative religions that worship the God of Abraham, because they endanger the survival of venereal diseases by taking away their habitat.

In addition to threatening old species of venereal disease, the Muslims do precious little to help the evolution of new venereal diseases or new versions of the old venereal diseases. As so many species are wiped out by human activity, the evolution of new species of venereal disease has been one of the few bright spots in biodiversity.

Now some Muslims will claim that I am anti-Muslim, a bigot and a nut, not at all. The race I am against is the human race. What I am for is biodiversity.


Allow me to paraphrase Twain's notice at the beginning of Huck Finn. Anyone taking the above seriously maybe prosecuted, banished, or shot.

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Last updated August 18, 2012