Start a discussion on Reddit

Reddit is a great place to start a spirited discussion. The link leads to instructions on using Reddit to start discussions on my material not the actual Reddit the web site.

Contact me through Facebook

This is the link to my Facebook page

Send me an e-mail

The e-mail address is rich at richleebruce dot com.

If you want me to read it, you must say something that makes it clear that you have read something on the site. For example write fish if it is about aquariums, or radio if it is about am radio reception. If your e-mail just says I have wonderful material, without mentioning the topic, I will assume it is spam and delete it, because spammers usually use vague compliments.

Leave a comment on my YouTube Channel

I believe Reddit is much better, but if you already have a Google account you may prefer to leave a comment on my YouTube channel.

Click on the link below, in the upper right hand corner you will see the words sign in, do so, then write in the box above the word post.

My YouTube Channel, Leave a Comment

General Notes on Comments

These comments pages receive many hits, but very few comments. Perhaps these directions are too difficult, though I think most internet users will find them clear. It would be wonderful to get feed back through one of the channels that I have offered on this.

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