Islam Could Dominate the World
If They Would Tolerate Gays

By Richard Bruce PhC in Econ from University of California, Davis
Former Instructor at Saint John's University in NYC

Muslims often shock the world with their brutal intolerance of homosexuals. For example, the policy of the Caliphate had of throwing men caught in homosexual sex off buildings. Most people in the West would agree that we should do what we can to peacefully convince the Muslims to treat gays with respect and dignity.

To achieve this end I would like to explain to Muslims that homosexuals are actually useful to the Muslim cause. By tolerating homosexuals they can hasten the reign of Islam over all of humanity.

First, let us note that AIDS is mostly a non-Muslim disease. The differences between Muslim and non-Muslim populations have often been on the order of a hundred to one. The conservative sexual morals of the Muslims have protected them from AIDS and no doubt other sexually transmitted diseases. It is much easier to find the statistics for AIDS so I use AIDS as a proxy for venereal diseases in general.

Sexually transmitted diseases, STDs, kill many and make far more infertile. This reduces the population growth of non-Muslim populations, but leaves Muslim populations relatively untouched. Even if Muslims decide to have the same number of children as non-Muslims the lower incidence of STDs may make Islam the world's majority religion.

Muslims the heirs of Moses

This is reminiscent of Moses, and the plagues in Egypt. The plagues afflicted the Egyptians but left Children of Israel unharmed. Muslims have retained a respect for the strict sexual code of the God of Israel. As far as sex is concerned the Muslims are somewhat justified in thinking they are the true followers of Moses and the tradition of the Children of Israel.

Partner Switching and the Evolution of STDs

Male homosexuals are about one percent of the adult population, but from the statistics I have seen a large portion of all the partner switching occurs among male homosexuals. Of course, only some male homosexuals engage in hyper-promiscuity and massive partner switching. But collectively a very large portion of the partner switching occurs within this small group of hyper-promiscuious gays.

The evolution of new venereal diseases and drug resistant strains of the older venereal diseases is largely a function of the amount of partner switching. So to the degree that venereal diseases reduce the population growth of non-Muslims and that helps the rise of Islam to world dominance the partner switching of the male homosexuals serves the interests of Islam.

Religiously motivated Muslim warriors are often called Mujaheddin, or holy warriors. More specifically the Mujaheddin can be thought of as holy warriors for Islam. The hyper-promiscuous homosexuals might be thought of as unholy warriors for Islam. About one hundred Afghanistanis died for every one Soviet soldier who died in the Soviet occupation of Afganistan. It might be argued that the unholy warriors are far more effective than the holy warriors.

Everyone's Promiscuity Counts

Of course, it is unfair to only single out promiscuious male homosexuals. It is all partner switching that contributes to the evolution of new STDs and drug resistant STDS.

Furthermore if the non-Muslim heterosexuals confined their sex to marriage then STDs would not advantage the Muslims.

In general if the non-Muslims do not want their descendants to be ruled by a Muslim majority they should rethink their sexual mores and behavior.

Western Conceit

Perhaps it should tell the West something that if the rest of the world followed our example and advice in sexual matters it would result in disaster both for the West and the rest of the world.

The Soviets finally figured out that they did not have the secret to running a good economy and that the idea that the rest of the world had to learn from them was a thoroughly ridiculous idea. It seems unlikely that the West will ever be so honest or self-aware as the Soviets were.

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Written October 19, 2017