Islam and Venereal Disease

The incidence of AIDS is much lower in Muslim countries, often on the order of a hundred to one. I am Catholic but I noticed this when I saw a world map of the incidence of AIDS.

The press speaks and writes endlessly about the relatively paltry successes of places like Uganda and Thailand, but ignores the far more impressive success of Muslim populations in avoiding AIDS.

But the success of Islam in combating AIDS is not the only area where the press is selectively silent. The press covers AIDS, but the many other venereal diseases almost do not exist. It is much more difficult to find figures on the other sexually transmitted diseases but it is reasonable to assume that if AIDS is a hundred times less common in Muslim societies, other STD's are also much less common.

Still another topic the press fails to address is the possibility that new sexually transmitted diseases will evolve. Occasionally the press will note that certain strains of AIDS are becoming immune to the drugs we are using against AIDS, or that gonorrhea is becoming immune to all our antibiotics, but rarely do they recognize that whole new venereal diseases might evolve. But what ever happens, drug resistant versions of the old STD's, or new STD's, the Muslims will not be at fault. Furthermore, if we ever convinced the Muslims to accept our sexual morality, promiscuity would massively increase in the Muslim quarter of the human race. This would mean the promiscuous population would increase by about a third, and the STD's would evolve even faster.

The conservative sexual teaching of Islam reflects the conservative sexual teaching of all religions that worship the God of Abraham. The Muslims are simply better at following the common teachings of Christianity and Islam than the Christians.

Islam has a powerful influence on the actual behavior of Muslims. This may or may not interfere with progress, but it is clear that it helps Muslims avoid modern stupidity, for example, Nazi eugenics, communism, and the sexual revolution.


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Last updated August 18, 2012