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Radio Reception tips index
Most popular, collected home AM reception tips. Formerly #1 on Google, for AM reception, now #2

Books Evangelize by suggesting Catholic books to public libraries and bookstores Suggesting Catholic books to public libraries, recommended by Father Richard Neuhaus and National Catholic Register.

Movies Suggest movies to libraries | Oscar Nominated Christian Movies| Free Christian Children's Movies

Comics Catholic comics | Bible comics | Christian graphic novels (Graphic as in comics, not "adult")


Miracles? Miracle Index Page | Biblical Names Typology Miracle | Number Theory Conversion

Religion & Science Science Index Page | Miracles and Science, Conflict? | Methodological Materialism | Controversial Science in Elementary School

Who believes Religious statistics links and my summaries of religion and Christian statistics
Growth prospects for Christianity, Islam, and Atheism Why care about religious statistics? Catholic literary converts Index page on Islam

Religion and Politics

Why Christians Vote for Trump and Republicans | My article on vouchers in the New Oxford Review | Falwell and Dobson, did not out children's TV characters | Birth control, and the zika virus | Index of pages on religion and gay rights

Other Religious Material

Religious Singles' Groups Church singles' groups-index | Christian singles' groups avoid divorce | Tip for successful singles' group

My Religious Publications, etc. My conversion story originally published in Catholic Digest | My article on vouchers in the New Oxford Review | Is Hell Empty? Comments on the NOR vs. Neuhaus debate | My evangelical and apologetic activities. Catholic Recruiting Image

Local Davis/Yolo Catholic Pages***Sacramento Catholic Media: Radio, Libraries, Movies

Miscellaneous Religious Web Pages Avoid the near occasions of spam | Ideas for encouraging ads in Catholic media | Mere Christianity, the Bible Names Miracle edited to give no offence to most Christians.

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Secular Web Pages: Economics, Biology, Media, Etc.

Economics index

Popular Page A list of nations considered developed by the World Bank and free by Freedom House.

Biology index, speculative just so stories, etc.

Popular page A summary of the eras of the age of mammals.

Theory of Entertainment, Culture, and Media in.

Important Page Why comedies are 1/2 hour, dramas and hour, movies 2 hours, and why we watch episodic TV

Practical Tips, Fun, Etc.


Popular Page Ideas Star Wars took from Jack "the king" Kirby

Tips for scoring high in Math Effect Game I am perhaps the best player in the world out of more than 60 thousand intelligent competitors.

Explaning Names, Words, and Higharchies

Popular Page Explanation of the ranks of traditional European society, royalty, aristocracy, gentry, and peasantry What is the difference between a marquis and a count, and why did they create these ranks.

Another Popular Page What is the population size range of a village vs. a town vs. a city, etc.

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