Muslims, Don't Rape Our Women, They're Infected

By Richard Bruce PhC in Econ from University of California, Davis
Former Instructor at Saint John's University in NYC

Muslims have much lower rates of venerial disease than non-Muslims. If you compare poor countries right next to one another AIDS is often more than a hundred times a prevelant in the non-Muslim country. I use the statistics on AIDS as a proxy for all STDs because it easier to find the statisics for AIDS. It is reasonable to assume that other STDs spread roughtly like AIDS.

We hear in news reports that at least some Muslim rapists consider Western women to be sluts who deserve to be raped. But even if they deserved to be raped that would not make it wise to do so.

If a Muslim rapes a Western woman, and becomes infertile because he was infected with an STD, this is not a service to Islam or Allah. If our Muslim rapist infects his wife and makes her infertile, this is also not good for Islam. Is it really good to give the Western woman what she deserves at the expense of making Muslims infertle and therefore the world's Muslim population smaller? Will this really serve or please Allah?

Muslims Affirm that Rape is Evil

Muslims have been quick to inform me that rape is not approved regardless of these practical, demographic considerations. According to the teachings of Islam it is evil in and of iteself. Fine, but as I am not Muslim I will not presume to teach Islam to Muslims. I will leave it to Muslim religious leaders to make the moral religious argument and limit myself to the practical, demographic argument.

Similarly, some might argue that what we need is vigorous enforcement of the laws against rape. But as I am not European policeman, prosecuter, judge, politician, or voter, I will leave the legal action to the Europeans.

Of Flees and STDs

It is a common saying, if you lie down with dogs you get up with flees. We could paraphrase this famous saying about dogs and flees to say, if you lie down with us you will get up with STDs.

This of course is not a statement made about any one person and simply reflects the statistical prevalence of STDs in the Western population, both male and female.

Plauges, modern and Egyptian

In the book of Exodus we learn how God warned Pharaoh through Moses, but Pharaoh ignored the warnings. Then God punished Pharaoh and the Egyptians with many plagues but Pharaoh was stupid and ignored the warnings. Finally God parted the Red Sea with a wall of water on the right and the left. Pharaoh's heart and his head were hard so he charged after the children of Israel. When God ended the miracle and let the water return to its normal place Pharaoh and his army drowned.

Similarly God warned man and Western man through the Abrahamic religions to avoid promiscuity. God further warned us through the scientific discovery of the germ theory of disease. Like ancient Egypt we have suffered through a long series of plauges, herpies, AIDS, etc. We have been warned and the warnings have been even more clear than those given to Pharaoh. As I child I thought Pharaoh's decisions were stupid and unrealistic, now I understand Pharaoh's decisions were stupid but very realistic. I have realized that Pharaoh was not a moron, he was an all to typical human being.

The Mulims who continued to follow the conservative sexual teachings that all Abrahamic religions hold in common have escaped these modern plauges. But just as children of Israel had to follow God's instructions to avoid God's wrath so Muslims need to follow God's instructions if they do not want to share the fate of the West.

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Created April 2, 2018