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This essay on school vouchers was published in the New Oxford Review a Catholic intellectual magazine that deals with politics inside and outside of the Chruch.

The essay suggests that parents and/or the church should pay for the religious portion of parocrial school education while tax financed school vouchers pay for the secular portion of the education. I hoped these suggestions would make school vouchers to make them acceptable to voters outside the Catholic Church. Also included on the page is the discussion on the letters to the editor page concerning the article.

Catholics should support all the positions of the Catholic Church both conservative and liberal. We will usually have to vote for candidates that oppose some of the positions of the Catholic Church.We need to make it clear that we are making a deal, voting for them because they support us on an important issue or issues, but never agree to be agreeable. Many want to be consistent Republicans or Democrats, but this simply temps politicians to compromise on the very issue that drew us into the party in the first place.

Index page on gay issues as they relate to faith, particularly the Catholic faith. Particularly popular is an essay on Brendan Eich, the computer wiz, who fired because he would not say gay marriages should be legally recognized.

The Zika virus is being used as still another excuse for birth control and putting off pregnancy. But there are costs to this strategy. Older parents mean more birth defects, and the older parents often find they waited too long and can not become pregnant.

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