Prolife Christians Should Support Aid to Poor

Many religious people vote Republican because of social issues, particularly abortion. Frequently they also support the economic policies of the Republicans even though these are at odds with their faith. This is a huge mistake.

Many Republicans very much favor abortion and are against the religious voters on many other social issues. If religious voters express support for Republican economic policies the Republicans will argue that we have to compromise to win, and since we all agree on economic issues, abortion and the social issues should be sacrificed. This is not a theoretical problem, it has frequently happened in the past.

Do Not Give Away What You are trading

This is a very simple principle, never give away what you are trading. You do not go to the store, give money to the cashier and then ask them to give you the merchandise. You bring your purchases to the cash register and you buy them. Similarly, religious voters always need to make if very clear that they are trading.

What is the Republican Party

The Republican party is a political party not a social party. We are not in the Republican party to make friends, to be liked or to have a good time. We are Republicans to pursue a political agenda that arises out of our faith.

But we can go farther than this. The Republican party is not a party of ideals, it is a party of the deal. The libertarian followers of Ayn Rand, religious people, opponents of gun control, and many other groups gather together as Republicans. Each is given what it wants most, but each group may not like the other elements of the platform.

So as the Republican Party is a party of the deal, a party of compormise, it does not, and should not have ideals or principles. The party is largely composed of people with principles, in fact it was those principles that brought us to the Republican party, but the Republican party itself has no principles.

So favor what your faith tells you to favor, oppose what your faith tells you to oppose. In politics as in everything else it is God that we serve.

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