By Richard Bruce BA, MA, and PhC in Economics

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First, there are links to important pages that expalain important aspects of movies, television, and radio. Followed by less important, but entertaining pages theat point out interesting connections between popular movies and televison shows and their source materials, for example, comics, and other movies. Then I have several pages on the currently hot topic of fictional universes. Finally there are a collection pages on other topics.

Theory of Media and Fiction

Americans and probably the rest of the world's population spend the majority of their time consuming media. Furthermore media has great influence on the rest of our live, including politics. Here are several essays that will help you understand media and therefore our world better. For those in the industry this information can help you make better and more profitable decisions.

Why Movies are 2 hours, Dramas 1 hour, and Comedy 1/2 hour.

Why we watch episodic TV. Understanding why each genre is the length it is reveals why we watch episodic TV at all. Read this and I suspect you will understand a crucial aspect of TV and narative film that the professionals do not.

Making Hit CGI Movies & Live Action Superhero Movies

Want to make successful computer animated movies? Here are the rules, what works, what does not. Follow them or break them, but if you break them, know that you are breaking them. The merely curious are welcome to read the rules too.

The rules on making computer animated movies were very popular, so here are the rules for profitable live action superhero films.

Universes and Movie Strategies

The four great commercial fictional universes, DC, Marvel, Star Trek, and Star Wars.

Almost all of Disney's big hits follow these five strategies.

AM Radio the Old Technology that Facilitates Change

AM radio was and is the traditional media that carried the revolutionary message of rock and roll and the counter revolutionary message of conservative talk radio. Why?

Why Did Blockbuster Go Bust?

Blockbuster was taken out by video by mail (Netflix), video vending machines (Redbox), video streaming (Netflix, Amazon, etc.) and public libraries lending movies.

The Sources and Inspiration of Science Fiction and Fantasy

I noticed that Darth Vader and what used to be Marvel's number one villain, Doctor Victor Von Doom, have the same initials. This is but one of the many ways Jack Kirby influenced Star Wars.

Lucus seems to be using the initials of each Sith Lord to credit his sources. Or perhaps he was playing a game.

Once upon a time in California George Lucas wrote the script for a space fantasy, Star Wars. Sergio Leone's relatively obscure movie, Once Upon a Time...The Revolution was a major source for many elements of the Star Wars plot. A lot has been written been on the sources of Star Wars. This is a major new source, that has remained undetected, in spite of the many clues that Lucas left.

George Lucas included many things from the Bible and Christianity in both the Indiana Jones series and Star Wars. In the Indiana Jones series they were explicit, in Star Wars the were implied. Lucas may have been pandering or paying homage, but either way the Bible was a source for many things in Star Wars.

Why the Introduction to Star Trek the Original Series said they were on a 5 year mission.

Many elements of Star Trek, The Next Generation's Deanna Troi seems to be based on Wonder Woman.

A Star Trek meme

Dragons are the symbols of both the Targaryens and the Welsh. Are the Targaryens Welsh?

Superhero Topics

Why doesn't Batman kill the Joker and his other villains.

If there were no Batman would his rogues gallery still be rogues.

Why Sheldon wears DC, and not Marvel on The Big Bang Theory

There are lots of black superheroes in the movies but almost no Asians, who is doing better in real life? The liberal trickle down theory does not work any better than the conservative one.

Long Running TV Programs and Big TV Universes

On the Internet if you are not the best at what you are doing, what is the point? Sometimes you put a considerable effort into something and find someone else that did it better. Here is a web page on the largest fictional television universes and a link to someone who did it better.

Here is a list of the longest running half hour comedies.

Other Topics in Media, Culture, and Sports

We celebrate all year. In the colder months from Halloween, through Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Superbowl Sunday, Valentines, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's, and Easter we have holidays based on religion, our nation, and Western Civilization. They are generally not local. In the warmer part of the year we have traditional county and state fairs, and generally newer community celebrations outdoors. But one way or the other the party never ends. Click here for essay on holidays and celebrations.

Some football fans around the world seem disappointed that we do not share their World Cup frenzy. You are better off without us.

I calculated the volume, and estimated the floor space of the first Death Star. There was so much they could have had thirty million small rooms for each of their men on the Death Star. A math professor and text book writer/editor has said he might use this. Perhaps you can use this for your math class.

In Jurassic Park and Jurassic World predatory dinosaurs eat people, but would they really do that? After all large mammal predators and sharks normally do not.

Thoughts on Media Celebrities That No One Cares about Including Me

Tela Tequila admires Hitler, a man who wanted to kill everyone of her race. Lame.

Sandra Bullock's split from Jessie James, we call them bad boys for a reason.

Chris Pratt has been accused of attending an anti-gay church This is guilt by association carried to an extreme.

Systems, Hiearchies

City, Town, Village, Hamlet, where do these words come from and how big are they. This is a very popular page.

European titles of royalty and nobility explained. This is my most popular page.

The Why of Words

Why is the American capital called Washington D.C..

Why are Yankees called Americans

King of Japan, not Emperior, Application of the web page linked to above to Japan.

Pants vs. Trousers in England and America

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