By Richard Bruce BA, MA, and PhC in Economics
Former Instructor St. John's University, New York City

Web pages for religious singles groups. The Why and the How


  • Avoid divorce. The story of how thirty or more couples from my parents' chruch singles'groups escaped divorce, and are now working on their second millennium of happy marriage.
  • Avoid harassment suits. office romances produce stronger than average marriages, but they are dangerous to your career. Religious singles' groups produce even stronger marriages and avoid the dangers of office romance
  • Religious singles groups can encourage marriage within the faith without encouraging intolerance.
  • An alternative to arranged marriage. Like office romance, the traditional arranged marriage may have a better record than the typical American marriage, but the Christian singles' group can do even better than the traditional arranged marriage.
  • By encouraging strong marriages and preventing divorce religious singles' groups can reduce poverty.
  • Three studies have shown that the adult faith of children is largely determined by fathers. Still another reason for women to seek men at church singles groups.


  • Catholic singles' groups are often unbalanced, mostly men or women, this is a page on what to do about it as a group and an individual.
  • Tips on encouraging clergy support for church singles' groups
  • Young people do want to avoid the plague of divorce. I have found that my parents' story is an effective way to evangelize singles.


    Perhaps a radical idea. Why not have a singles group for people who actually want to follow Catholic teaching on birth control. I have done a little work on this idea, read the results, if the idea interests you.

    Influence of these singles pages

    I have been a bit disappointed in the number of hits I am getting on these singles pages, it is way below my normal average. Nevertheless the influence of the pages seems to be strong. A writer, Lisa Haddock, has written an article, "The Secret to Finding the One", on the Dating and Faith section of in which she quoted me. She found me through this site.

    Furthermore, I received two notes from a group leaders. "I've recently been inspired to start a Catholic singles group in my area (none currently exist). Your website has encouraged me even more. Thank you!"

    Dear Friend, One thousand and one thanks for your informative write up. I am hoping to start a group in NYC this new year for single Catholics. Peace!

    I hope I can inspire more people to start groups, or otherwise encourage the movement.

    You can leave a message in my guest book. I do not know much about specific singles groups, so I will not be able to find one for you.

    Fathers Influence Children's Faith

    There are several interesting studies that have shown that devout fathers produce devout children, but the influence of mothers is much weaker.
    Here are some thoughts on relationships based on the experience of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James. The relationship of this to the rest of the page is a bit tenuous, so I have put the link down here.

    More of my web pages on religious singles' groups

    Inspired by the success of my parent's church singles' group I have written a number of other pages on religious singles' groups.

    Tell me what you think. Here is my contact information..

    Last updated July 25, 2010