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This page covers a large collection of old Catholic comics you can view on line for free, some of the current Catholic comics, and older ones you maybe able to get. You can also read my web page on Bible comics by Protestants from a Catholic view point, and another web page on sophisticated long comics, called graphic novels, which support the Christian faith. There is also a Comics for Catholics index page, a page with successful letters which convinced librarians to add comic book Bibles and a page on getting Catholic and Christian comics, books, and other media into public libraries.

Lots of Free Old Catholic Comics on the Internet

Treasure Chest 1946-1963

Treasure Chest of Fact and Fun was a series of Catholic Comics that came out about 20 times a year. Each comic I checked had 36 pages. Seventeen years of the series running from 1946 to 1963 is available for free on the Internet. That is over 12 thousand pages. The comic actually ran until 1972, the last nine years are missing, but that will not prevent you from enjoying the first 17.

The following link will take you to a page with links to the 1946 comics, click on one of the other years to go to that years comics. Treasure Chest - Catholic Comics.

I would like to give many thanks to the person who gave me this tip in the guest book. I believe over a thousand people access this page each year.

Here is one other set of free resources on the Internet, Christian children's movies and videos. There are links to "Miracle Maker" and a Veggie Tales movie, first rate material.

Current Catholic Comics

Daughters of Saint Paul

The Daughters of Saint Paul through their publishing house Pauline Press are offering two comics. One is on Padre Pio, it is 62 pages long and costs $7.95. A second is a comic on Pope John Paul II. It is 64 pages and costs 7.95. I found both of these on their web site, look under p for Padre Pio and Pope. Recently they had one on the Rosary. It was 56 pages long, and cost $5.95. But I was not able to find it. Here is the link to the Pauline store.

Over the last few years the Daughters of St. Paul have been offering a series of comics on the lives of many different saints, but I have been told this is going out of print and I could no longer find it on their web site. More on this below in the out of print comics section.

Factoid Press

The Big Book of Martyrs is a comic on the deaths of many Catholic martyrs. This book appeals to many devout Catholic men, I have never seen a woman who liked it. The comic, like its topic, is gruesome.

Like the other books in DC Comics Big Book series, there are many different artists, the cover says more than 50, each with there own unique style of drawing comics. I found the different styles interesting, but like most aspects of this book it appeals to rather mature tastes rather than children.

Most of the styles are properly respectful of the topic, but maybe five of the artists have styles that are not particularly respectful. As far as I know they did not go out of their way to be disrespectful. It is probably just the case that their style is not respectful and they did not change it, or change it enough, for this book. The writer, who put the whole thing together, is respectful of the Catholic faith. He ends by suggesting that we should aspire to be martyrs.

I read and reread this book and found it inspiring, but so far I have not become an Martyr. Nevertheless, it is not for women and children. In fact it says for mature audiences right on the cover. If your target is young men, however, this could be a useful.

The Big Book of Martyrs is 192 pages long and the pages are larger than normal size. The comics are in black and white. You can find The Big Book of Martyrs at comic book stores and Amazon.com. The list price is about 15 dollars, 11.66 at Amazon. This is a relatively good price, but not as good as some of the comic book Bibles.

Blind Prophet

I have just read the first part of the Blind Prophet in late 2016. I was impressed. The book has a character with a special power and is set in a Catholic universe. The writing had intelligent, logical, well-motivated characters. I found it a powerful story. A teen I showed it to said it was awesome. The first part of this graphic novel is 112 pages long and was available from Amazon for $13.99. But on March 27th and 28th a Kindle version will be free from Amazon. Sign up for notification. If you have missed this a Kindle version will be available for $1.99. Here is the link. Here is more information. This could be a good opportunity to support an interesting initiative in its earliest stages.

Umbert The Unborn

Here is the web site of a pro life comic Umbert the unborn.

The Tautkus Studio is offering Catholic comics for sale with a significant collection of free on line samples so you will easily be able to evaluate the product. You have to scroll down to find the comics, including the free samples.

Out of Print and Going out of print Catholic Comics

Pauline Press

There are also several out of print Catholic comics that you maybe able to find. As mentioned above the Daughters of Saint Paul put out a series of comics on the famous saints. These were originally done in France in I believe 1994. In 1995 they came out in English. I think there were about nine in the series. They were about 2 dollars per comic, for about 30 pages. The pages were somewhat smaller than a normal comic book.

The Saints covered in the series are:

  1. St. Bernard of Clairvoux
  2. St. Bernadette
  3. St. Clare of Assisi
  4. St. Elizabeth
  5. St. Francis of Assisi
  6. St. Joan of Arc
  7. St. Martin
  8. St. Maximilian Kolbe
  9. St. Vincent de Paul
  10. The Little Flower

I sent a letter to the Daughters of Saint Paul in 1994 suggesting that they do the lives of the Saints in comic book form. They sent me a nice letter back saying that it was a great idea but they could not do it. Was my letter the stimulus for the French comic book series. Perhaps, but as both my letter and the French series were 1994 I would not be surprised if the French series was actually started before I sent the letter to the Daughters of Saint Paul. Did my letter stimulate the Daughters of Saint Paul to go looking for comics on the lives of the saints. Perhaps, but perhaps the Daughters of Saint Paul or some other Catholic publisher would have imported the French comics any way. I have frequently thought up ideas that I did not send to a company only to have the company come out with the product a few weeks or months later even though they could not possibly have gotten the idea from me, so it could all be coincidence.

I have tried to find a new publisher for the series, perhaps one who will combine all or most of the comics into one book. I have contacted three publishers, one is showing a little interest.

Arcadius Press

Arcadius Press put out a series of comics on the lives of the saints. They started out putting out regular comic book sized pamphlets on individual saints. I pushed them to combine these into larger books. This in normal in the comic industry. They said that they had decided to do this, but I think they may have run out of money before they could pull it off. Their plan was to combine five of their comics into a book 112 pages long and sell them for 15 dollars. I was hoping they would come up with something I could get into libraries. Perhaps some other Catholic publisher can finish this job for them.

Probably because this web page ranked high on Google under the words Catholic comics, usually it is number one, the company contacted me asking for advice. Actually, a number of businesses have asked me for my advice on the basis of this site. I have gladly done my best to help them.

Unfortunately they seem to have gone out of business. Here are a couple of links. Jacket Flap provides contact information and other information, all of which maybe out of date. Here is what is left of the Aracadius Press website, which I found on the Internet Archive. Once you get there click on the links, some are still functioning. The link will allow you to get a good idea of their artistic styles which were quite good. They are similar to what is currently popular in secular American comics.

Marvel comics came out with a series of three comics, on St Francis of Assisi, Pope John Paul ll and Mother Teresa. They sold a huge number of copies and you may well be able to find these if you keep your eyes open.

In addition to Treasure Chest comics which as I mentioned above and are already on the net, I learned through my guest book that there were two other long running Catholic Comic series: the Catechetical Guild's TOPIX, about 300 issues, ran weekly in 40s and 50s, HEROES ALL, about 100 issues, mainly in 40s. It does show that Catholics were once strong in comics and we should do it again. We also might try to contact the copyright holders and get these series on the Internet. Especially if we have reason to believe that the Treasure Chest series is being used heavily.

A big thanks to the guy who left the note in the guest book. Web pages have the potential to be cooperative, collecting information from many.

Here is a primitive web comic on Saints and the Angels.

Another Catholic is producing comics in the manga style to go with the weekly readings, check it out here. I think this is an interesting idea.

Other pages on Christian Comics

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  3. Quality graphic-novels that respect the Christian faith. Graphic-novels are long, often pretentious, comic books.
  4. Letters that convinced librarians to include in library collections religious comics, good evangelization
  5. My major interest is in getting the Catholic and more generally Christian message out not preventing others from getting their message out. An essay on objectionable comics and why we should avoid worrying them.
  6. Tips on how to evangelize by suggesting Catholic comics, books, movies, etc. to public libraries.

Pages on Christian Movies

  1. With the Passion now on VHS and DVD it is a good time to suggest The Passion and other religious movies to your public library.
  2. Librarians will usually add award winning movies so here are religious movies nominated for major Oscars. Find out which are recommended by the American Bishops and the Vatican. OK, no comics but it is a visual subject.

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