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Honors, recognition, success of this site and its pages.

Or, reasons why you should link to this site.
  • This web site has recieved the highest ranking for fidelity to the Catholic faith by Catholic Culture, formally Peter's Net. This web site has also recieved several links from which checks all links for fidelity to the Catholic faith. As far as I know these are the two organizations that check for fidelity. Both are important Catholic super sites.
  • The pages on suggesting Catholic books to public libraries were recommended by Father Richard Neuhaus in First Things, and by the National Catholic Register.
  • An e-mail reported that one parish group had given 1,000 dollars worth of Catholic materials to a public library because of what was said on the library page.
  • I have been contacted by a fairly major national business and asked for advice on how to advertise through Catholic media. This was probably because of my web page on ideas for advertising in Catholic media.
  • The web sites for seven Catholic AM Radio stations link to one AM radio reception page.
  • An EWTN radio person has said there were good ideas on the the radio pages and they might add some to EWTN's site. A former EWTN employee said they were impressed by the site.
  • An AM radio page is listed on, the open directory project. I believe it is the only AM radio reception tips page to be selected so far.
  • One or more AM radio reception pages were a major source for a Cleveland Plain Dealer article on radio reception published on August 26, 2004. The Plain Dealer is Cleveland's major newspaper and has about 400 thousand circulation.
  • A professional journalist interviewed me on the basis of my religious singles group pages and included the interview in an article in the "Dating & Relationships" sections.
  • The above are the two cases I know of where this site provided material for professional journalists. Seems likely that it has happened many other times, who knows, are the above the tip of the proverbial iceberg.
  • My conversion story was published in the "Open Door" section of Catholic Digest. I have been given permission to put it on this site.
  • My article on vouchers was published in the New Oxford Review, NOR. NOR allows anyone to put up one article from each issue without permission.
  • On Sept. 27, 2004 The AM radio original links and tips page ranked first in popularity among more than 300 pages in the Catholic section of the Members Pages directory for Geocities
  • The singles group page ranked first among about 50 Catholic singles pages
  • The page on suggesting Catholic books to public libraries ranked first among about 50 Knights of Columbus pages.
  • On Oct. 24, 2004 The AM radio original links and tips ranked 1st in popularity among 293 radio pages
  • World Religious Statistics ranked 1st of 174 sociology pages
  • Catholic books and public library page was still 1st on the Knights of Columbus.
  • If the web site maintained its current October rate for the whole year it would be getting almost 150 thousand page hits a year. This is probably one of the most popular Catholic personal web sites supported by advertising in the world. If you compare it with other advertising supported web sites where the material is actually written by the person who put up the site, it may well be the most popular.
  • When I ran a search on Google on richleebruce/amradio, which is part of the url for my most popular page, I found more than 900 pages. The subject is tips for better AM reception. All that I checked were refering to this web site. Of course some were the pages on this web site. When I checked my second most popular page, which is a Summary of World Religious Statistics, I found more than 230 links.
    Then there are the comments from the guest book.
  • Nice site! =) [Nice comment]
  • Great site! [Great comment]
  • Thanks soooo very much!!!! [You arrrrre very welcome!!!!]
  • Thank you ever so much for the info on am radio reception
  • Good for you: shining your Catholic light!
  • Great Site! added your links to my site. [Music to my ears!!!!]
  • Good Job. I enjoyed reading it. Congratulations.
  • Excellent free information on the WEB. Thank you.
  • Your work is valuable. God raises up the unsuspecting to do great things.
  • You have come up with a nifty little (with eternal consequences) ministry.
  • ... thank you very much for your AWESOME site! You are making a really wonderful and important contribution to the World Wide Web by providing life-saving information about our Holy Catholic Faith. God bless you and all your endeavors.
  • Your comments for better reception were good. Thanks
  • Great concise and easy to understand information. I am also trying to pull in a Catholic radio station in my home that is loud & clear in my car. Thanks.
  • Thank you so very much for the AM radio information. I have been looking for this kind of info on AM radio reception for a while and found it very valuable. Thank you again for taking the time and trouble to compile it and make it available on-line for people.
  • [Comment by e-mail] I passed along your web site URL to a friend who really enjoyed it and he said also that it was the most comprehensive sight he'd come across. [I hope that is correct, that is what I am aiming for. If there are sites out there saying important things I have missed you can leave a note in the guest book to inform me.]
  • Just spent most of Sat. afternoon on your site. FANTASTIC...
  • Great website - Especially the section on AM Radio and improving reception.
  • Thank you so very much!! My family thinks I am nuts sitting inches from the radio trying to decipher each word thru the noise and interference. Your site was very helpful indeed. God Bless you.
  • Thank you for your tips! My husband wants to listen to our Catholic radio station ... at work but can't get the am signal. I pray that your hints will help. God bless.
  • This is a facinating web site providing information found nowhere else!!!! Truely valuable.
  • What a breath of hope you gave me this morning, to reach out with Catholic books for the reading public. ... God Bless you for sharing this divine inspiration using the Internet to help share God's Word.
  • Dear brother in Christ, Im a first year seminarian .... I was excited to read all your accomplishments on behalf of our faith, ...
  • thank you, i actually got some great insite from what you said about Jesus talking about hiding the lamp....i am on that very same path to finding the right religion.....but now it makes me think differently.......GOD BLESS you!!!!!
  • I used to work for EWTN, and I am very impressed with your site. The love for Catholic radio really shows, and it warms my heart to know that people really enjoy EWTN. Thank you. [This is the comment referred to above.]
  • The Catholic Church has caused more suffering than any other organization in history. Your website will only perpetuate that. [Thank you, we all do what we can.]

  • Your site is SO interesting! ... Thanks for spreading the good news about the Church that Jesus Christ founded. God bless. [As this person suggested, I updated the links. In some cases I had to use A very useful site. If you find dead links you can mention them in the guest book. If you are in a hurry get the url from my page, you can use view source, and then search on]

    As you can see this is a good site, and you really should link to it.

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