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By Richard Bruce BA, MA, and PhC (ABD)in Economics from University of California

Reception Tips Index, Mostly AM Radio

Two Great AM radio pages.

Probably the most complete guide to home AM radio reception on the Internet. My ideas plus those of many other sites. For about a decade this was the top site on Google for the words AM radio reception. Until recently it was one of the top sites.

My original tips and carefully selected links for home AM Radio reception Material from this page and the previous one were used for a Cleveland Plain Dealer article, that was then syndicated.

More advice on broadcast reception

Tips for AM radio in your vehicle.

Links and tips on FM radio reception

Timed radio recording Record when the signal is strong.

Answers to questions on AM radio reception

Use Ethernet to Improve AM radio reception

Tips for improving UHF TV reception

Tips for short-wave, and EWTN short-wave.

Amazon Prime offers vast amounts of free music as part of their service. This is how I use my Prime.

How to program a VCR

Mostly out of date info

Info on discontinued AM radio equipment

Here are links for listening to EWTN and Catholic radio on your computer.

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