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By Richard Bruce BA, MA, and PhC in Economics
Former Instructor St. John's University, New York City

Answers to Electronic Media Questions

Some people ask questions without leaving an e-mail address. A bit hard to answer. So here are some answers.

One person did not know what a URL is. The URL for this site is If you have a web site you can leave your URL in my guest book, but most people just leave their e-mail address on that line.

More to the point, one person said there new CCRadio + was not much better than their cheap Radio Shack unit. If the Radio Shack unit was really the Radio Shack version of the GE Superadio that might not be much of a surprise, I also found little difference. Otherwise this is, interesting and perhaps says something good about the Radio Shack radio.

The same person said the loop antenna from Radio Shack made reception worse. This is a surprise, but I have found that if the radio has a good internal antenna then the Radio Shack loop antenna does little to improve it. If the radio is poor then I have found the Radio Shack loop antenna can help a lot.

One person wanted more information on radio stations, just saying that the radio station was in the state was not enough help. Actually this is a reference to another web site that I linked too. I do not have a list of Catholic radio stations on my site. So they should contact the web site I linked too.

Here is a VCR question. I will have to make this a more general answers page. One person wrote about how they set up the VCR to record a 3 hour program and it failed. This illustrates my point, test the system by having it do a timed recording of a couple of minutes and then switch to the real thing. There was not enough information to actually answer the real question. Also I have not used VCR + so I could not answer the question anyway. I know my VCR knowledge is limited.

I got a note that says the early GE Superadios 1 and 2 were the best and could beat early CCRadios. A guy in Colorado was getting an Island called Turks. He says that old GE Superadios can be had on E-bay. Love that advice. I hope to collect these tips and product opinions.

Another note said that the Panasonic recommended on the page on timed radio recordings. He said he bought 4. He thinks it works great. Once again keep those comments coming.

You can leave comments in my guest book. Only I can read the guest book, but I frequently share the comments without revealing your identity.

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