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By Richard Bruce BA, MA, and PhC in Economics
Former Instructor St. John's University, New York City

Discontinued Timed Radio Recording Equipment, Radio VCRs

Here is what I wrote about a number of products that have now be discontinued. I am effectively dumbing this material here, but you might want to search for this equipment on ebay. You also might want to avoid buying some of it if you can get the current equipment for about the same price or less. An exception to that rule might be the second product mentioned below which does more than timed recording.

Crane's CC Witness

C. Crane has a radio that records, the CC Witness Plus Digital MP3 Recorder-Player with Built-In AM/FM Radio. It was about $150 from either Amazon or directly from Crane. It has been discontinued.

Radio Program Recorder

I received an e-mail on a radio recording device called radio program recorder several years ago, it seems to be off the market. It was 180 dollars, it is portable, can record three hour talk shows, and can receive AM or FM and transmit in FM. The way FM transmission is often used is you set up the receiver in a window at your office building and the FM transmitter broadcasts to a radio at your desk which is not near the window. You can find many sites that write about this product on Google, and they seem to recommend it. Be warned that their links to are dead and you can not even push the back button to get back to where you were. I also failed to find it on ebay.

In an e-mail to me the guy who ran the company said I have added several new models that I thought your readers would be interested in. I now have a model that has 7.0 hrs capacity in LP mode (2.2 hrs in SP). I even have a high end model that uses removable SD memory cards and can upload recorded files to a computer or download audio files from the Internet into to the portable recorder. You can store 10.7 hrs in LP with an optional 64MB SD card with this recorder (it comes with a 16MB SD card).


A few years ago I got an e-mail about another radio that can do timed recording. Here it is I recently purchased an AIWA XRM-150. This is a shelf type radio. It has two features a auto-reverse record cassette so it can record on both sides of a cassette and a timer. This product does not seem to be sold any where, even on ebay.

Panasonic SC-PM11

The Panasonic SC-PM11 is similar but a bit more expensive. I got at least three notes in my guest book from a happy customers one who has bought several of these. I looked around on the net and found various web sites selling this, some for as little as about 125 dollars, but some charged a fair amount more. I believe the suggested retail was more than 300 dollars.

Aiwa CSD-EL300 CD Radio Cassette Recorder

Aiwa formerly produced the, CSD-EL300 CD Radio Cassette Recorder. It has auto reverse and timed recording.

Reel Talk

Many sources on the net discuss the Reel Talk recorder, which is a combination radio tape recorder that can record 4 hours on a tape. My best guess is the Reel Talk is outmoded and has been withdrawn from the market. I have not been able to find a web site for the company that produced the Reel Talk recorder. I have heard that some are available on eBay but I suggest that you avoid buying them unless you can get them a lot cheaper than the alternatives that are currently being sold.


CC Crane used to put out a timed radio recorder called the VersaCorder.

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