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By Richard Bruce BA, MA, and PhC in Economics
Former Instructor St. John's University, New York City

AM reception guide

This is a collection of AM radio reception tips from many web sites, with an emphasis on the easy and inexpensive solutions for listening to low power AM radio stations in your home or office. This page is probably the most extensive list of tips for better AM radio reception on the Internet.

I started this page and its companion pages to help Catholics bring in low power stations that carry EWTN, but physics is physics so it should be useful for everyone. Because my interest is communication, not the AM radio hobby, many people with no interest in Catholic radio will still find that these are the most useful web pages available.

I have run into a problem with this page. It has been for decades one of the most popular pages on AM radio reception according to Google, and still is according to Bing. But now Google has dropped it. I believe that Google thinks I plagiarized. So I am putting my advice on another page. Click here to go to that page.

As my web page has been one of the most popular web pages on AM radio reception for decades, and for about a decade it was number one on Google, it was copied. But Google knew I was the original and the others were copies. Then my host moved my site to another server and there was a brief problem with the move. This seems to have convinced Google my web page was new and I was plagiarizing the others. So I have put the advice on a page with a no robots page so it will not be indexed and therefore subject to the ranking being lowered for plagiarizm.

Once again here is the link to the most extensive collection of tips on how to get better AM radio reception.

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This page was last updated January 26, 2021


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