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By Richard Bruce BA, MA, and PhC in Economics
Former Instructor St. John's University, New York City

Free Christian Children's Video on the Web

Free Christian Children's Television and Movies on the Net

Well it is not completely free. There are ads or you need a subscription, but in many cases you already have the subscription, for example, almost half of all American households have Amazon Prime, and a large portion Netflix.

Ad Supported Christian Children's Video

You can see many clips of Veggie Tales on You Tube. What is more, many of these clips are Veggie Tales silly songs, which are very entertaining. This link will take you to the official home of Veggie Tales on You Tube.

Many other official sites for children's religious programing exist which will often give you short clips so you can get a taste of their material.

There are also many episodes that have been put up by private YouTube contributors. I have heard or read that YouTube contacts the owner of the content and offers to pay them rather than the person who put it up or to take it down. However I am not absolutely sure about the legitamacy of these videos. I will continue to investigate.

Subscription Services

Netflix is paying for the creation of new Veggie Tales material, it seems different than the earlier material. I am not sure if Netflix has the earlier material.

Several decades ago Gumby was put out by the Lutherns, it is back on Hulu. More recently it has also been added to Amazon Prime, which a much larger percentage of the population has.

You can find quite a bit more on YouTube. Apparently their are a lot of things that Hulu and other sites consider to unimportant for them to provide, YouTube is frequently the source for these.

Amazon Prime has The Miracle Maker, a children's movie, not a television show, but it is the best children's Bible movie. If you have Amazon Prime and children, or grand children do not miss it. If you have no children watch it anyway. Amazon also has a animated series with nine episodes, "Testament: The Animated Bible" which involves some of the same talent and is great for children, teens, and adults, particularly the last two. I now have a web page specifically on the free Christian videos on Amazon Prime check it out.

Ask questions, share your thoughts. Here is my contact information.

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