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By Richard Bruce BA, MA, and PhC in Economics
Former Instructor St. John's University, New York City

Avoid Divorce and Harassment Suits Meet Your Mate in a
Religious Singles' Group

Office romances can disrupt the work place and lead to sexual harassment suits. On the other hand at least one study has shown office romances lead to better than average marriages. What you see at the office may give you a better idea of what type of partner a person will be.

However religious singles' groups avoid work place disruption and produce even stronger marriages and less divorce than office romance. So while the office romance has advantages and disadvantages compared to typical American courtship, the religious singles' group has the office romance beat on all counts. If couples meet in religious singles' groups it is better for the company, the couples, their future children, society, and the taxpayers.

My parents meet in a religious singles' group and not only did they have a good marriage but the other thirty plus couples who meet in the group did too. Collectively they are working on their second millenium of successful marriage. You can get more details on the incredible story of my parents' church singles' group and similar groups that helped form many successful marriages.

This is not a story of how one religion or denomination avoided divorce. My parents were liberal Protestants, but my landlord, who is Catholic, had similar experience. I assume that this would work for other religions. Religious singles' groups are common in many faiths.

Some people who are not religious may feel threatened by what I am saying because they think I am pushing religion as the answer to divorce, but I admit that religion is not a magic cure for divorce. America has a very high level of divorce even though America maybe the second most religious First World nation after Ireland.

So, I am not suggesting that people who are not religious should go to church or join a religious singles group just to lower the probability of divorce. However, if you are a member of some religion, why not take advantage of your faith's religious singles' groups to find a partner for a marriage that will last?

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Last edited January 12, 2004