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By Richard Bruce BA, MA, and PhC in Economics

Father's Determine Church Attendance of Adult Children

A poem by William Ross Wallace famously said, "The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world."

Perhaps, but three studies show that fathers have far more influence over the children's church attendance when they become adults than mothers. Here is a link to a section of a Wikipedia article which which covers the studies on the influence of mothers and fathers on adult church attendance.

What these studies seem to suggest is that a woman who wants her children to be devout Christians or followers of any religion should marry a devout man from that religion. If you marry that exciting non-believer and think that you can raise your children to believe, you may be kidding yourself. Of course, if you can succeed in converting him and he becomes very devout then you may still raise devout children.

The Bible and the Catholic Church are united in teaching that both sexes should seek out a devout marriage partner. These studies reinforce the point for women.

But how should you find that devout marriage partner? My parents met in a church singles group. The group was not only very effective in pairing people off, the divorce rate among those who met in the group was incredibly low. Other church singles groups from many denominations also report very few divorces. So church singles groups can reduce the chance of divorce, and allow you to find that devout man that will help you raise devout children. Not just children who will be devout as children, but devout once they are adults.

In this age of the Internet, there are singles web sites that are religion specific, and even secular singles web sites allow you to enter religion as a factor. I have no information on this, but the success of church singles groups in promoting successful marriage suggests that these options may also be useful.

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