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Tarzan Books, Comics, Movies, & TV on the Net

There is a lot of Tarzan and other Edgar Rice Burroughs material available for free or very cheap. Here are the links.

Novels and Stories in Text

You can download the early Tarzan novels from Gutenberg for free. These are the novels Edgar Rice Burroughs published before 1929, and they are therefore in the public domain.

Amazon offers a number of cheap downloads of this public domain material, charging from as little as 26 cents and as much as two dollars and 49 cents for what is mostly free on the Gutenberg Project. For these low prices you often get large collections of Tarzan novels and other novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Here is a link to Burroughs material.

I find Burroughs writing very clear and easy to understand. I suggest you try it, if you haven't already.

Comic Strips

You can read twenty eight years of the Tarzan comic strip at Go Comics. This link goes to the start of the strip on Go Comics, January 1, 1996.

Comic Books

Residents of California and Kansas can get eight volumes of Tarzan comic books, about 1700 pages, figure 80 plus regular comic books. California residents can simply click this link. Kansas residents can find the books on Enki. Click here and look at the upper right hand part of your screen. Notice that just to the left is Comics Plus that has even more Tarzan.

Comics Plus has much of the same collection as Enki. Many public libraries have Comics Plus, mine is not one of these. So check your local public library web site to see if they have Comics Plus. You can click here to see the Tarzan titles that Comics Plus offers.

Comics Plus is not to be confused with Comic Book Plus. Comics Plus is a service offered through libraries. Comic Book Plus is a collection of old public domain comics that are free for everyone. They do not have Tarzan comic books, but they do have a collection of similar Jungle comics. They also have some old Tarzan radio programs.

TV and Movies

Using Just Watch I searched Tarzan. Here are the results. There were close to 15O movies and TV programs, but I suspect some were not Tarzan related.

Other Pages on Heroic Fantasy

I have written many other pages on pre-gunpowder fantasy, ie Game of Thrones, space fantasy, ie Star Wars, science fiction, ie Star Trek, and Marvel and DC superheros.

I like to speculate on the origins and inspirations for these fantasies. For example, Tarzan swings on vines. Batman, Green Arrow, Spider-Man and Dare Devil also swing to get around. I call these heroes urban Tazans. Did Tarzan inspire this trend?

We know that Edgar Rice Burroughs' second most successful character was a major inspiration for the creation of Superman. John Carter was much stronger than the Martians because earth is a larger planet with stronger gravity. Superman was much stronger than humans because the fictional planet Kripton was larger and had stronger gravity.

You can find my speculation on my media index page.

Created January 12, 2024

Index of pages on various cultural and media topics

Index of pages on various cultural and media topics


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Index of pages on various cultural and media topics

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