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By Richard Bruce BA, MA, and PhC in Economics
Former Instructor St. John's University, New York City

Yes there was a Holocaust and if Hitler had Won, Muslims would have been included.

The former president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, frequently expressed doubts that the Holocaust happened. As much as this upset Jews, it did have the advantage of raising the topic. This is useful because the Holocaust is frequently misunderstood by both Muslims and everyone else.

It is commonly both thought and taught that the Holocaust was simply about Antisemitism and hate. The word hate is ironically a common hate term. Instead of actually understanding the other person you simply say they hate.

Actually both the Holocaust and the whole Nazi movement were about eugenics. The Nazi's thought that the Germans were the next step in the evolution of man and it was their moral responsibility to eliminate all the inferior races from the gene pool.

The Nazi's thought the Scandinavians, probably the Dutch, and maybe the English, Irish, Scots, and Czechs were German enough, but almost none of the Muslims living then would have made the cut. Muslims should watch the films and read the books on the Holocaust and understand that what happened to the Jews could have been them.

Many Muslims and non-Muslims will object that Hitler allowed the Mufti, Haj Amin al-Husseini to live in Germany and met with him. This means very little, Hitler allied with the Italians, Hungarians, Romanians, and Japanese but all were slated for eventual extermination.

Even the Germans Were Added to Hitler's Extinction List

Even the Germans themselves were eventually added to the list for extermination. When the Germans were losing the war Hitler decided that the Germans were not the next step in the evolution of mankind, instead the eastern people, I assume Hitler meant the Slavs or perhaps more narrowly the Russians, were the next step. So Hitler ordered the destruction of German industry to facilitate the extinction of the German people.

Hitler at one time or another wanted to kill everyone. As it turned out World War 2, the Jewish Holocaust, and the slaughter of other groups only killed about 50 million out of two to two and a half billion people alive at that time. This was only a little more than two percent. So I guess Hitler died a disappointed man.

But more to the point, if even the Germans were marked for extermination, it seems very unlikely that the Muslims would be spared.

The NAZIS Were Western

It should be noted that the Nazi movement was a very Western movement. The Nazi-Eugenics movement took the scientific theory of evolution and turned it into a moral imperative. This was not a Muslim, Christian, Hindu, or Buddhist movement. Rather it was the Western respect for science gone very wrong. It illustrates the value of having religious values to anchor society.

Because of their strong faith, Muslims have for the most part avoided many of the foolish trends of the 20th Century, for example, Communism and the sexual revolution.

What the Muslims have Done for Us

America sacrificed about 50 thousand lives successfully defending the Koreans from Communism, and another 50 thousand unsuccessfully defending the Vietnamese. The Muslims did their own fighting against Communism in Afghanistan. Through their incredible bravery, the Muslims in Afghanistan played a roll in bringing down communism. Furthermore Muslims generally avoided the spell of communism in almost all of their countries.

Because the Muslims did not join in the sexual revolution they have largely avoided AIDS. You can easily see this by comparing the prevalence of AIDS in Muslim versus non-Muslim countries. A study done in Saudi Arabia showed that this devoutly Muslim country also has radically lower levels of most other venereal diseases. Beyond Saudi Arabia I do not have country by country figures for gonorrhea, syphilis and the host of other venereal diseases that have evolved in the wake of the sexual revolution, but based on the success of Muslim nations avoiding AIDS and the success of Saudi Arabia avoiding many venereal diseases it is a good guess the Muslims suffer far less from most or all venereal diseases.

If AIDS and gonorrhea become immune to our drugs that will not be the fault of Muslims. Venereal diseases exist because of human behavior, mostly non-Muslim human behavior. The anchor of Muslim's powerful faith has saved them from much Western stupidity, and it has to some degree protected the West from our own stupidity.

Understanding the Creation of Israel

So Muslims should understand that the Jews felt the need for a homeland after the Holocaust and the West was sympathetic to Jewish objectives given that half the world's Jewish population was killed in the Holocaust.

Yes, it would have been more just to carve the Jewish homeland out of Germany.

Understanding Israel Does Not Mean Giving Up on Palistine

Admitting that the holocaust happened does not necessarily mean that Muslims need to accept the existence of Israel.

In fact, to the degree that Israel is based on the Holocaust this is something of a weakness. The Holocaust was a historical event, and it is rapidly becoming ancient history.

The younger generation of Jews in America is getting tired of the topic. Furthermore, intermarriage and assimilation is rapidly destroying Jews as a distinct group in American society.

Even the Israeli's themselves do not seem to have anything like the dedication and fight that previous generations had. They get far too upset at even relatively trivial casualties. If the world's Jews are going to fight a war with the world's Muslims who out number them upwards of a hundred to one, they will have to learn to accept lots of casualties.

Furthermore, the antisemitism, that was another foundation stone of Israel, has faded in the West. Several years ago there was a poll that showed that Jews were the most popular religiously defined group in America, passing the previous champion, the Episcopalians. Given the Jews huge contributions to America and the world I believe their popularity is well deserved. America and many other Western nations might welcome the chance to have larger Jewish populations. I, myself tend to see Israel as an enormous waste of Jewish talent.

Over time most nations become more legitimate. Israel, based as it is on a historic event that is rapidly fading into history, maybe an exception to this rule.

So the reality of the holocaust might even give the Muslims hope that eventually they will rule Palestine. But Muslims should realize that the Holocaust did happen, and they were on Hitler's list to be exterminated, along with me and most of the rest of the human race.

The Strong Right Arm of Allah's Providence

Finally, Muslims should recognize that America and its democratic allies have been useful, protecting Islam from both the Nazis and the communists. The Nazis wanted to destroy both Islam, the religion, and the Muslim people, the communists wanted to destroy Islam along with all other religions. It could be argued that America and its democratic allies have been the strong right arm of Allah's providence that protected Islam.

After the Muslims develop economically and unite under a new caliphate they maybe able to defend themselves. Until then, I would remind them of the American saying, don't saw off the branch you are sitting on.

Muslims are not the only people who admire Hitler, many Asians do too. Here is a web page on one famous Asian Hitler admirer, Tin Tequila.

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Last updated October 4, 2018

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