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By Richard Bruce BA, MA, and PhC in Economics
Former Instructor St. John's University, New York City

Tila Admires Hitler Who Wanted Her Dead

Tila Tequela, nude model and sex tape star was kicked off of Celebrity Big Brother because she expressed admiration for Hitler.

It is a standard ploy, say something shocking so you can get publicity. But as Tila Tequela is Vietnamese she is expressing admiration for Hitler, who wanted to kill everyone of her race, including her family, and if she had been alive, Ms. Tequela herself.

We all know the publicity strategy, but isn't it a bit lame to admire someone who wanted to exterminate you and everyone related to you.

Tila Tequela is not the only Asian that expresses admiration for Hitler. Of course, Hitler has his Muslim admirers because he killed Jews, but admiration for Hitler is also a trend among non-Muslims in India.

All these people, Muslims, Asians, and others should understand Hitler and the NAZI party. The NAZI cause was eugenics. They thought that the Germans were the next step in the evolution of man, and therefore it was their duty to exterminate everyone else. Not all German citizens counted as German, for example, the Jews. On the other hand the Scandinavians, probably the Dutch, and maybe the English, Scots, Irish, and Czechs were German enough. What is clear is that almost no Muslims, and Asians would have made the cut.

The movement was not just about killing Jews and Romani, improperly called Gypsies. Those groups were simply first in line, largely because Hitler figured he could get away with killing them without people objecting too much.

I have read that Tila Tequila has claimed she is the reincarnation of Hitler. This strikes me as more promising, particularly if we give it a different spin. Because of all his bad karma, Hitler is being reincarnated as person from one of the races he wanted to exterminate.

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