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By Richard Bruce BA, MA, and PhC in Economics
Former Instructor St. John's University, New York City

The West is Islam's Protector, not Enemy

Muslims frequently demand the suppression of free speech in Western societies. They should remember that there are many who wish to ban both the Koran and the Bible as being filled with hate speech. The definition of hate speech rapidly grows to anyone who disagrees with me speech. Free speech protects those that insult Islam but it also protects the Koran and the teaching of Islam.

But beyond that consider what has happened and is still happening in countries without free speech. China has imprisoned two million Uyghurs in reeducation camps, currently about a million Uyghurs are in the camps. This is out of a population of a little more than eleven million. The Chinese have attempted to coerce the Uyghurs to break Muslim rules by pressuring them to drink, smoke, and renounce Islam. Torture and execution have been used in some cases.

Muslim governments have remained largely silent. It is the West that has spoken out in defense of the Uyghurs.

Previously the Chinese had a program of condemning Uyghurs to death so they could harvest their organs for transplant. Later they switched from Uyghurs to the Buddhist practitioners of Fong Gong. A commission that included a Canadian cabinet minister estimated that 3 million were killed. Their report is called Bloody Harvest.

What the Chinese have done and are doing is continuation of what has been done elsewhere in the past. The NAZIS planned to kill everyone who was not German, with exceptions made for Scandinavians and possibly other northern Europeans. Almost all Muslims would have been exterminated if the Western democracies and their allies had not won World War 2.

The Soviets wanted to destroy all religions including Islam. This may still be the plan of the Chinese.

The Western free democracies have been and continue to be the strong right arm of Allah's providence to protect Islam and Muslims.

In addition to this Western agricultural science has allowed farmers to grow the extra food that feeds the rapidly expanding population of Muslims. Western agricultural science has been the generous hand of Allah's providence to feed Muslims.

I have written elsewhere about Islam's generally unacknowledged service to the West. Muslim countries resisted communism. America had to make huge sacrifices in Korea and Vietnam to keep Buddhist countries out of the Soviet orbit. The Muslims protected themselves from communism, often at great cost to themselves.

Furthermore, if the Muslims practiced the same promiscuity that the West does, we might have seen the evolution of even more venereal diseases, and antibiotic resistant strains of the old venereal diseases.

Both civilizations are far from perfect but both owe each other a debt of gratitude.

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Last updated July 16, 2020

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