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Muslim Statistics

Islam is a growing portion of the world's population. This page discusses prospects for Muslim population growth and numerous factors that will influence what portion of the World's population is Muslim.

There has been considerable concern about Muslim population growth in Europe, this essay covers future prospects for Muslim population growth in Europe and other First World countries.

Islam is the world's second largest religion. Here is my page on world religious statistics. This page was formerly on the first page of Google for religious statistics. It may be the most popular page on religious statistics done by a private individual.

More links to important sources of religious statistics.

Other Topics Concerning Islam

The Nazis planned to eventually eliminate everyone who was not of pure German blood, which means they wanted to eliminate virtually all Muslims. This is a popular essay on Muslims and the Holocaust.

Both in this century and the last the West has protected Islam in an often hostile world.

Many people think non-Muslim nuclear weapons are far safer, but there are good reasons to think the opposite.

The relationship between freedom and democracy and religion, particularly Islam is a major issue today. The link leads to an essay on this with considerable discussion of Islam.

Voting is heavily influenced by religion in all societies, so Muslim voters produce Muslim governments.

Muslims are far less likely to get AIDS, we are talking 100 to 1 differences. Here is a page on Islam, and Aids

The Mohamed cartoons and much of what upsets Muslims should be termed sacrilege not blasphemy.

Irony & Humor-Poking Fun at the West

As my mother always said, though it was not original to her, "Many a truth is spoke in jest." The following contain dark irony with a fair portion of serious advice.

Muslims are a threat to biodiversity!!! They could drive several species of sexually transmitted diseases into extinction. Ok, this is pretty much pure satire.

Many industrial democracies have difficulty integrating Muslim immigrants into their societies. Even Australia, which is very similar to the United States, has had difficulties. But America does not have this problem. Read about America's secret to integrating Muslims.

Muslims should tolerate gays, gays are doing far more than their fair share to encouage to evolution of STDs that will reduce the non-Muslim poplulation and give Islam world domination.

Muslims don't rape our women, they are infected


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