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By Richard Bruce BA, MA, and PhC in Economics
Former Instructor St. John's University, New York City

A Catholic's Guide to Christian Comics
Including Catholic Comics

This is a collection of pages on Catholic and Christian comics from a Catholic perspective.
  1. Comics by and for Catholics on the Pope, Mary, Saints, Martyrs, and other Catholic heroes, including lots of free Catholic comics on the Net

  2. Bible Comics by Protestants evaluated from a Catholic view point

  3. Sophisticated Graphic Novels that respect and support the Christian faith
For younger children reading aloud is magic. They can not control themselves, they have to sit by you and listen. This gives you a great, perhaps God given, opportunity to share the Catholic faith with them. Comics do not have the same power over older kids, but they maybe the closest thing to it. If the message is in comics form it is likely to be read, more than once, perhaps by all the children in the family. Religious comics can make a fine evangelical Christmas or birthday gift for children, grand children, nephews, nieces, and God children.

Currently public libraries and public school libraries are moving beyond traditional newspaper comics and including long adventure and dramatic comics to their collections. This means they may be open to adding some Christian comics. In fact some of the more conservative librarians are thrilled by the idea. You might want to encourage this. This web site has a page on convincing public librarians to add Catholic books to their collections, and another page with two letters that were used to convince librarians to add ten copies of the The Picture Bible a formerly popular comic book Bible. You can adapt this letter to encourage libraries to include the The Action Bible in their collection. The Action Bible is about the same length, same price, same publisher. It is a more modern version of The Picture Bible and has successfully replaced it as the most popular comic book Bible.

Catholic and Christian comics might also be added to parish libraries, Catholic school libraries, youth group libraries. If you have a waiting room religious comics might also work well there.

If you know about some good Catholic or Christian comics I have not mentioned or have other questions or comments here is my guest book

Many Christians worry about controversial comics, like Marvel comic's issue on the "gay wedding" of one of their obscure super characters, "North Star." These Christians fail to understand that these comics are collectors items for adults, not entertainment for children. I get into the statistics and details in this web page on objectionable comics.

I have been involved at least a tiny bit in three projects involving Catholic Comics. In the first and most important, I wrote a letter to the Daughters of Saint Paul in 1994 suggesting that they do the lives of the Saints in comic book form. They sent me a nice letter saying it was a good idea, but they could not do it. One year later they came out with the lives of the Saints in comic book form.

Those comics have long sense gone out of print, but the Daughters of Saint Paul have brought out other comics. It is my guess that they have been the major publisher of English language Catholic comics for about a quarter of a century. This seems to have started with my letter. Recently a number of other Catholic publisher have gotten into comics so the Daughters of Saint Paul are no longer so dominant.

Several companies trying to launch Catholic comics have contacted me for advice. This is probably because I am close to the top of Google for the words Catholic comics and they want me to recommend them. I am glad to have been of assistance.

If your organization wants my advice on using comics to share the Catholic faith, mere Christianity, or support any other good cause I would be glad to help, for free of course. I have done a fair amount of free consulting. You can see my web page on ideas for advertising in Catholic media for more information.

If you want to create a more Christian media environment for your family you might also be interested in my new web page on free Christian children's movies and videos on the Internet. It includes links to "The Miracle Maker" and a Veggie Tales movie. You might also be interested in Christian movies that were nominated for Oscars. There have been many Christian movies that have won major Oscars, praise from the Vatican, and the American Bishops and are frequently available for free at your local library. Failing that rent them from your local video store, or perhaps buy them watch them with your family and donate religious movies to your library.

Here is a link to my contact information..

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