Getting Catholic books into Public Libraries is an old Tradition of the Knights of Columbus

Making information about the Catholic faith available to the public is a tradition of the Knights of Columbus. A little known part of that tradition is getting public libraries to add Catholic books to their collection. This is something I have been doing with my local and regional public libraries. I have written several web pages on how to evangelize by adding Catholic books to public library collections. I have made a study of what books the libraries will accept and how to convince them, what books circulate, and what books produce conversions and spiritual growth.

But while it is easy for me to convince local librarians to add Catholic books and other media I can not do it for your local library because librarians are not interested in the opinions of someone hundreds or thousands of miles away. The most I can reach is libraries in my region. This is where you and perhaps your local Knights of Columbus come in.

While I have written a lot, I do not know everything. You can get involved and share your experience with me thus making this project better.

Finally if your Knights of Columbus chapter has a web site perhaps you could link to this page, geocities.com/richleebruce/knights.html or my main page on suggesting Catholic books to public libraries, geocities.com/richleebruce/library.html.

I am also interested in publishing articles in Knights of Columbus periodicals on this topic. If you are an editor and this interests me you can leave a note in my guest book.

You can leave a message in my Guest book.

Geocities will e-mail me to inform me of your message, only I will be able to read it, so this is like e-mail.

Evangelize by suggesting Catholic Books to Public Libraries

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Page last updated October 28, 2003