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By Richard Bruce BA, MA, and PhC in Economics
Former Instructor St. John's University, New York City

Bad Boys will be Bad Boys

Sandra Bullock has been called America's sweetheart. As Sandra is in her 40's, and there are many other contenders for the title, she may not be America's sweetheart now. But she was one of the top contenders in the past, and she is still both beautiful and appealing. So many are no doubt a little upset that her husband Jesse James had an affair. But while we feel for Sandra there is lesson here for all those wonderful real world sweethearts, bad boys are frequently bad boys.

Jesse James has a bad boy charm that many good girl sweethearts find appealing. He owns and runs West Coast Choppers (choppers are the motorcycles that the Hell's Angels and other similar motorcycle gangs ride), his arms are covered with tattoos, and he does dangerous stunts for television in his series, "Jesse James is a Dead Man." Sure he has some interest in ecology, and other good causes, but clearly he was not selling himself as boy scout.

Many a good girl thinks they can tame and channel the bad boy, most seem to be wrong. So the sad case of Sandra Bullock can provide yet another cautionary tale, as if we needed one. Frequently, the bottle clearly marked poison does in fact contain poison.

Of course unmarked bottles may also contain poison. Perhaps, there were clues that the wife of Tiger Woods should have picked up on in their courtship, but to the general public Tiger seemed to be a good, clean, boy scout type. But in the case of Jessie James the bottle was clearly marked.

The whole incident reminds me of the time my godmother complained that a five year old she took to "The Lion King" found the show disturbing. The Lion King had a PG rating. PG means parental guidance suggested. I am sure many G movies are disturbing for many five year olds, but PG movies are usually disturbing to sensitive five year olds. If you ignore the clearly marked label, you are in a poor position to express moral indignation.

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