Catholic Radio Sacramento

The major Catholic radio station for the Sacramento Area is Sacrament Most Holy Radio, KSMH, at AM 1620 which broadcasts from the Sacramento. Some people south of Sacramento may get Our Lady of Guadalupe Radio, KWG, at AM 1230 which broadcasts from Stockton, and a more distant but more powerful station KMPH, at AM 840 which broadcasts from Modesto. All carry almost exactly the same programming. The are all owned by Immaculate Heart Radio, Catholic radio for about one in seven people in the United States. These stations are non-commercial, financed through donations, and have mostly the same exclusively religious programming. They are very Catholic and very loyal to the Pope.

AM 1620 broadcasts with ten thousand watts during the day, one thousand at night. So the signal comes in much better during the day time. The point is if you do not get it at night try again before sundown.

AM 1230 has a 900 watt signal all day long but I find the signal comes in much better during the day.

AM 840 has a 5000 watt signal all day long. I can get it better than AM 1230 even though it is farther away.

For more advice on getting better middle wave or AM radio reception. see my web page that collects the best ideas from many web sites. If you do a Google search on the words AM radio reception I currently come up number two after a corporation, Radio Labs. I also have a web page with unique tips and important links for better AM radio reception.

Holy Rosary parish in Woodland now has a low power FM station at 93.3 FM. The 100 watt signal is intended for Woodland.

Other Media, Libraries

I now have web pages on religious materials you can read and/or check out of public libraries and libraries that are open to the public. For major libraries with huge collections click here. What is of general interest for the Sacramento area are the huge religious collections at UC Davis, and the Graduate Theological Union, GTU, in Berkeley. For those served by the Yolo County library system, all of Yolo but Woodland, I have a list of religious movies and comics you can check out of the Yolo public libraries.

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Last updated October 23, 2014

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