Religious Movies in the Davis Public Library

There are many classic religious movies on DVDs in the Yolo County library system. In many cases you can simply check them out of the Davis branch. In other cases you can request them to be sent from other branches in the Yolo Library system. After you return them they will remain in Davis until someone at another branch requests them. Why not try some. They are free. You do not have to finish them if they are not your thing. What follows is a list of many of them.


  • Godspell - Musical based on Gospel of St. Matthew
  • Jesus Christ Superstar - Rock Opera
  • Sister Act 2
  • The Sound of Music - Won Oscar Best Picture
  • Joyful Noise - Fictional Gospel Movie Contest

Old Testament

  • The Ten Commandments - Two Versions Available
  • One Night With the King - Story of Ester
  • Samson and Delilah

Jesus - The New Testament

  • Jesus of Nazareth - A mini series directed by Franco Zeffirelli
  • The Passion of the Christ - Visual Stations of the Cross
  • The Nativity Story
  • Son of God - The 2014 Movie based on TV series

Early Church, Persecution

  • Quo Vadis - Roman Persecution of Christians
  • Ben Hur - Won Many Oscars
  • Ben Hur - 2016 version <


  • Brother Sun, Sister Moon - St. Francis of Assisi, directed by Franco Zeffirelli
  • A Man for All Seasons - Won Oscar for Best Picture
  • Becket - Nominated Oscar for Best Picture and Actor
  • The Song of Bernadette
  • Molokai - The story of Father Damien

Priests, Sisters, Laity-Real

  • Boys Town - Won Oscar for Actor, Nominated for Best Picture
  • The Keys of the Kingdom - Nominated for Best Actor Oscar
  • The Mission - Oscar Nomination for Best Picture VHS only in English with Spanish subtitles
  • Romero
  • Dead Man Walking - A Nun and A Man on Death Row
  • The Agony and the Ecstasy - Michelangelo Sistene Chapel

Catholic Drama

  • Going My Way - Oscar for Best Picture, stars Bing Crosby
  • Lilies of the Field - nominated for Oscar Best Picture, Won Best Actor Sidney Poitier
  • Bella - A pro life movie
  • The Third Miracle - Rated R but acceptable for adults by Catholic Bishops

Separated Brethren

  • Chariots of Fire - Won Oscar for Best Picture
  • Tender Mercies - Oscar Nomination for Best Picture
  • Amazing Grace - The story of religious fight to outlaw slavery
  • Babette's Feast
  • Shadowlands - C.S. Lewis biography
  • Andrei Rublev - Russian Icon Painter


  • The Miracle Maker
  • The Prince of Egypt
  • Joseph King of Dreams
  • Veggie Tales
  • There are Children's Bible Videos

Television series

  • Touched by an Angel - The first four seasons. Why not try an episode, if you like it they have four seasons.
There are more. I have listed the one's I know of, but I strongly suspect that there are quite a few more. I keep finding new ones as I watch the shelves and search the online catalog. Perhaps you know of a video in the library that I missed. I am interested in hearing your suggestions. You can e-mail me, leave a note in the guest book, phone me (I am in the book), or see me in church.

We could no doubt add more to the collection, but presently the circulation of these videos seems a little weak. So I am trying to encourage the believers to check them out.

The number one activity of Americans, no doubt other rich nations, and probably the human race as a whole is media consumption. The number two activity is sleep. It is important that our faith gains some of that time. Religious radio, TV, and the internet are part of the answer, but another part can be the books, comics, music CDs, movies, TV shows, and other media available at the public library.

If you want to know which the Catholic Church approves of you can find it here. I suggest that you simply go to Goggle put in the title of the movie and the words Catholic Bishops. This will usually provide a link to the movie reviews linked to above and Google is easier to navigate than the web site of the American bishops. If you want a second opinion the Australian Catholic Bishops also have reviews. Once again it is probably easier to simply put the title into Google and the words Australian Catholic bishops.

I am trying to get the parishes that have Yolo County Library branches to put notices about this page and/or the other pages about religious materials in our local libraries in their bulletins, and on their web sites and bulletin boards. Perhaps you could suggest this to the pastors. The Yolo County Library serves all of Yolo County but Woodland, which is part of the Sacramento Library system. Also mention this page to your fellow parishioners and all Christians who are served by the Yolo County Library.

I would not necessarily suggest that you binge on these. Sure there are a lot of them, but there are very few compared to the length of our lives. They maybe most useful as an occasional boost for the spirit. If you are growing in you walk with God perhaps you might want to save them for later. You might want to listen to EWTN, or an inspiring priest. Perhaps a spiritual book or religious novel would be more appropriate. But if you are having trouble getting started on a book a video might help.

You can link to this page and of course it will bring people to this list, but as I have put a tag in the code that prevents search engines from indexing this page your link will not help people using search engines. However I have another page set up for the search engines. Here it is. You can link to that page so that people who search for religious movies in the Yolo County library system using a search engine will find this list.

The reason I do this is that I am putting together lists for both the Yolo and Sacramento systems, and I plan to do other systems. This would give me many near identical pages, which might make the search engines think I was spamming. But if you do not ask that your identical or near identical pages to be indexed the search engines are cool with identical pages.

No reasonable human would think I was spamming, but on the Internet you have to work around stupid computer decisions. A computer program once thought I was putting up objectionable material because I wrote about The Confession's of St. Augustine. I think that maybe why we say the Sacrament of Reconciliation. So I write short unique introductory pages for each library system's list.

Linking is an easy and free way to evangelize. The priests occasionally preach on your responsibility to evangelize. Well here is a really easy way to meet that responsibility.

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Last updated June 14, 2015

Written by Richard Bruce