Library and Radio Resources for Yolo Catholics

by Richard Bruce

This is the index page for a layman's webpages to assist Yolo County, California Catholics.

Religious Resources in Local Libraries

I have three web pages on the libraries available to Yolo Catholics. I think this is particularly important because they give us access to Catholic media. Media consumption is the number one activity of Americans, sleep is number two. It is important that our faith reaches us through media. Our failure to fully use media to spread the faith is in my opinion one of the central reasons that the faith has weakened in the last few decades, and a large portion of what strength there is has been because we did use media, particularly EWTN, and related organizations. Broadcasting, cable, and the Internet are important ways to share the faith, but libraries can also help.

Religious and even secular libraries in our area offer many religious resources. This page was originally a guide for Davis Catholics to those resources. It will also be useful to all Yolo County residents that use the Yolo County public library system, and anyone in the Sacramento area, and even Northern California, who might want to do serious library research on religion.

There are many good religious movies available in the Yolo public library system. Click to see the list. You can reserve these movies and pick them up at any Yolo County Library branch.

There are several comic book Bibles and a big comic on the deaths of the martyrs, in the children's, and young adult sections of the the Yolo County library system.

Sacramento Area Catholic Media Resources

Here is a web page on Catholic radio stations that can be heard in Yolo County.

Index page for Sacramento Area Catholic Media Resources, including a list of religious movies in the Sacramento Public library system.

This is the home page or index for this section of the website richleebruce.com, the more general religious homepage is Religious Homepage

As I am a Yolo county Catholic web pages about me and my faith are particularly relevant. The rest of the web site has three relatively personal web pages. Two are on my conversion, first to Christianity, then to the Catholic Church. This story was originally published in Catholic Digest. The third personal web page describes many of my evangelical and apologetic activities. I think it particularly appropriate to mention them here because I am a Davis and Yolo County Catholic.

Yolo Catholics might also be interested in my new lines of evidence for the existence of God, Christianity and the Catholic faith. Of particular interest is the miracle of the names. Vince DiCarlo, a Yolo Catholic, thought this one was good.

I am one a number of Davis Catholics who is interested in Catholic apologetics. I maybe able to put you into contact with some of the others. I am thinking of putting up links to their web sites, or mentioning their names.

As I am just starting this part of the web site I am soliciting suggestions. Is there information that I should be collecting that would be particularly useful for Davis and Yolo Catholics. I am thinking of local resources that would help us develop our Catholic faith. You can see that written about Christian and Catholic materials in local libraries. This is the type of thing that I am interested in presenting here.

If you find the resources here useful be sure to mention this web site, richleebruce.com, to the other Catholics in Yolo County. I would also like to spread the word about the library resources to everyone living in the area served by the Yolo county library, which is all of Yolo county except Woodland, which is part of the Sacramento system.

You can look me up in the parish directory, or the local phone book. Other contact information like e-mail is here. There are a huge number of hits on my contact pages, but very few messages. I am not sure why. If you have difficulty contacting me I would love to hear about it. I particularly ask this of you, my fellow Davis Catholics, because while I am currently giving Internet users three ways to contact me, you, my fellow Davis Catholics have several more.

Last updated June 24, 2015

Written by Richard Bruce
Here is a picture so you can spot me at church. Be sure to say hi and mention that you read this.