By Richard Bruce BA, MA, and PhC in Economics

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Summer did not eliminate COVID-19, fall is upon us. But the milder weather of fall will allow us to increase ventilation and reduce COVID laden aerosols. Each season presents different opportunities to reduce the spread of COVID. This web page discusses the advantages of fall.

A cheap steroid greatly decreases deaths in COVID-19 patients. This is one of a number of treatments that is reducing the number of COVID deaths. These rapid improvents in treatment give us another reason to be careful and slow the spread.

Our number one activity is media consumption, number two is sleep. Our COVID-19 isolation does not prevent media consumption, socializing, mental challenge, creativity, or out door exercize. So my fellow retired seniors stay active and stay safe.

Many countries have turned the COVID-19 curve down. They are driving the virus into extinction. This is a great way to save lives, and is probably the quickest way to get the economy back to normal. Forget biodiversity make COVID-19 extinct.

Why are we so upset about COVID-19? Isn't COVID-19 like a seasonal flu? No because more people will get COVID-19 and the fatality rate for the infected is much higher COVID-19 is 50 or a 100 times worse than a typical flu, and maybe worse than that. Click the link for more detailed info.

Viruses normally become less deadly with time, another reason to slow the spread.

There are many reasons to wear a mask, and follow other safety recommendations. Protect yourself, your family, and society, bring back the economy, and buy time for vaccines and other treatments to be developed. Here is list of reasons to wear a mask.

Why society is better off if workers over 50 stay home and several ways they can support themselves.

I have been inventing homemade face shields. Check them out. They might protect you, or they maybe good for a laugh.

A good mask will screen out 95 percent, a phone call will screen out 100 percent of all COVID-19 viruses. Check out this poster/meme.

One reason it was so hard to control COVID-19 on a cruise ship is that they can be 200 times as crowded as a typical US city.

COVID-19 is rapidly infectiong prisoners in our jails and prisons. So some people what to release prisoners. but given the sky high murder rates among criminals they maybe better off in prison.

Here is link to an article by Ben Cohen in Areo Magazine. The Case Against COVID-19 Skeptism". The editor's ran this by a researcher in the field who was impressed that Ben had come to the same conclusion they had using a different method. I am Ben's proud uncle.


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