Encourage Reading and Library Use With
Free, Whimsical, Internet Meme Based Library Signs

Use these free Library signs to encourage reading, and library use. Gentle whimsy can remind people of the rules without challenging them or putting them down.

You can scroll down to see the signs, and then click for the printable version. Print the page using the print function on your browser. You will have a 8 and 1/2 by eleven inch sign that you can slip into an acrylic stand or tape up. You can use the print preview function to see what the sign will look like. To return to this page press the back button on your browser, there are no links on the printable pages.

Sure, you could watch the 100 hour version of Nyan Cat, but we think you would enjoy reading a classic more.

Nyan Cat can be found on YouTube, it gets boring after about 15 seconds, and the first 15 seconds are not that entertaining either.

Click for printable version of above

Whether you are a

Bronie, an adult male fan of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic.

or watch

FPS Russia, a fake Russian who destroys water melons with high powered rifles on YouTube

There is something for you at the library.

Click for printable version of above

These two signs are based on famous Internet memes and a popular YouTube channel. Many people, including many teens, will not be familiar with what they reference, but I hope they have some value as whimsy for the general population. I think they are very safe for the library so little is lost or risk in either case. You could try them.

The general strategy is based on my experience as a substitute teacher and yard and detention supervisor at a high school that serves a university community. My students maybe a little like your patrons, people who use the library are more educated than average. I find that weird, whimsical, reminders are effective with these students.

These signs are particularly appropriate for the young adult section of the library. They may also be good for high school libraries. I also have a collection of library signs with Halloween themes. Check them out.

The Internet can be used to gather the ideas of many people for a project like this. With a lot of librarians and patrons thinking up ideas we could have plenty of high quality whimsical signs even if we switched signs frequently. Once again this would give us an opportunity to teach and remind people of good library behavior without nagging.

Is there a behavior problem that you would like me to address? Do you have a question or suggestion? Perhaps you have an idea for a sign that you want to add to my collection. Make a public or private comment here.

Last updated October 25, 2014

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