Theory of history, Decline of the Genes, Rise of the Memes


Index Page for Theory of History

In the late seventies I discovered this theory of history, or perhaps I should say progress. As it has been many decades I thought it was long past time to put it on the Internet. I will try to get to rewriting and updating this, but here it is for now.


Major Steps Competion to Cooperation

Road to Equality

The State to Democracy

Religion to Freedom

Economy to Socialism

Science to Technocracy

Shift in Dominance

Economy to Market

Science to Empiricism

State to World Government

Religion to One Ideology

Heros through History


Essays Based on this Theory of Progress

This theory is likely to be a little long for many poeple so I extracted ideas from the theory to write shorter essays. Here is an index to these essays.

Democratic government is benevolent because you will never cast the deciding vote.

Markets turn greed into efficency, democracy turns hypocracy into justice.

The four great institutions of the West: democracy, freedom, markets, empiricism

Science Fiction, will we vote to terminate ourselves for the benefit of artifical intelligence?

How democracy, freedom, markets, & empiricism serve God and faith

The devil's view of human history.

An Index of pages on Western Civilzation drawn from this theory of progress.

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