Economics Index and Qualifications
By Richard Bruce BA, MA, and PhC in Economics
Former Instructor St. John's University, New York City

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I have put my giant theory of progress, The Destiny of the Species, on line.

But readers may find it too long and complex. So I have also written some short essays using the material from the theory of progress. For most people this will be a better way to start.

Democracy produces benevolent government because you know you will never cast the deciding vote. The low probabily that you will ever decide an election frees you to vote your values.

How the market turns greed into efficency and democracy turns hypocracy into justice. The market turns greed into efficency, that is standard economics. But economics also suggests that democracy turns hypocracy into justice and benevolence.

The four great institutions of the West, democracy , freedom, markets, and empiricism. make it difficult to stop progress. This is a large part of the success of the West.

The great institutions of the West democracy, freedom, markets, & empiricism, serve and aid religion in many ways.

The Devil's view of history & Progress. A religion friendly view of the history of the modern west and more.

A dark science fiction view of how democracy could turn on us and favor artificial intelligence. The West is successful largely because our institutions make it difficult to stop progress, but what if our interests are no longer progress.

I also have put up some posts on Reddit conserning artificial intelligence, demcocracy, and other Wester institutions. These will give you a brief view of the ideas and allow you to see others reactions.

I put up a post on the singularity subreddit titled, Is life a transition process between a random, meaningless universe and AI?

I put up a post on the SyntheticNightmares subreddit titled, My nightmare. Could democracy and artificial intelligence eliminate the human race? The one comment was in favor of elimating the human race.

Here is an index to my other pages on economics, and a short review of my qualifications in this field.

Tell me what you think. Here is my contact information..

Created April 23, 2020

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