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By Richard Bruce BA, MA, and PhC in Economics

Religious Movies in the Sacramento Public Library System
the Full List

There are many Christian movies in the Sacramento library system. This is part of the list, click above for the full list.

Old Testament

  • The Ten Commandments - The 1950s Cecil B. DeMille
  • One Night With the King - Story of Ester

The New Testament - Jesus

  • The Passion of the Christ - Disturbing
  • The Nativity Story
  • The Greatest Story Ever Told - Old Movie
  • Son of God - Movie based on a TV series

Apostles and the Early Church

  • Ben Hur - Lots of Oscars
  • The Robe - Big Stars
  • Quo Vadis - Original Novel by Nobel Prize Winner

The Saints

  • Becket - Nominated Oscar for Best Actor and Picture
  • The Song of Bernadette - Won Several Oscars, Best Actress
  • A Man for All Seasons - Won Best Picture Oscar

Real Stories Sisters, Priests, Laity

  • The Mission - Won Cannes 1986: Best film, Palme d'Or.
  • Dead Man Walking - Death Row Inmate and Nun
  • Boys Town - Won Actor Oscar, Nominated Best Picture Oscar

Religious Movies in the Sacramento Public Library System
the Full List

Sacramento Area Catholic Media Index Page

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Sacramento Public Library system catalog Religious works are in the 200s in both the adult's and children's sections. But other religious books can be found in fiction, biography, and elsewhere.

The Main UCD library, Shield's, has about 50 thousand books on religion that anyone can read on site.

Graduate Theological Union library catalog Perhaps the largest theological library in America.


Catholic Radio in the Sacramento Area

Immaculate Heart Radio, AM 1620