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Space is scarce in magazines, but not on the Internet, so I am putting rejected articles on the net, currently there are only two, but I also have articles that were published and a lot of web pages I never submitted.

I wrote an article on Old Testament typology that was actually rejected by This Rock Magazine. Gerry Matatics thought it was very good and pushed me to send it to This Rock, even though I thought they would not be interested. Unfortunately, I was right. This Rock took the position that it was not really apologetics. Still some professors found the material interesting. You can read about the comments of Gerry Matatics and other experts or you can read the article. The article has strong evidence for the Existence of God through typology, foreshadowing, or prophesy in Old and New Testament Names.

I also had an rejected by both First Things and The New Oxford Review Father Neuhaus said it was engaging. New Oxford Review rejected it but there was a nice note saying I should keep trying. I will. A local Catholic philosophy professor said he would not change a word. Is Hell Empty? Comments on the Neuhaus vs. NOR debate. Neuhaus hopes Hell is empty, many voices from the NOR are sure it is not. I provide a number of comments on the debate.

Here is short article that actually was published in the New Oxford Review on vouchers. I suggest that the religious portion of Catholic education should be paid for by the wealthy parents or a combination of the wealthy parents and the collection plate, while the math, English, science, history and other non religious topics should be paid for by vouchers.

My conversion story originally published in Catholic Digest.

I am involved in a number of evangelical apostalates, here is a list of them.

Are you a not ready for This Rock writer, check out the National Association of Scott Hahn Wannabes.

If you are also an aspiring Catholic apologist, evangelist, or writer I would like to hear from you, perhaps we can work together. Please, leave a note in my guest book.

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