You can have red, white, and blue 3D Pipes
Customize Your Screen Saver with these Patriotic Textures.

The popular 3D Pipes screen saver that comes with Windows can have pipes with one solid color, or the default texture, red and white candy cane, or you can choose a texture. I create textures with the paint program that also comes with Windows, you can find it under accessories.

You are welcome to use these textures on your screen saver. I have directions on how to do it on another page. On this page I have a couple of patriotic textures.

Left of this is an unseen second white stripe

Stripes are easy to make and perhaps the most beautiful type of screen saver. Note that there is a second white below the red stripe.

This is a patritiotic version of the candy cane, basically a barber poll design.

This gives you both the stars and the stripes.

A string of stars works well.

The instructions are once again on another page.

You could start a tradition of changing to a patriotic screen saver around the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Flag Day and other national holidays. A high tech version of flying the flag.

This page last revised August 16, 2005

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