Illustrated Directions for changing Windows screensavers

Windows has a number of screen savers you can choose, 3D Flowerbox, 3d Pipes, and 3D Flying Objects are among the most popular. This page provides illustrated and I hope easy directions for changing your Windows screen saver.

To start click on the Start button in the lower left hand corner of your screen. It looks like this.

A menu, called the start menu, will pop up. At the top of the menu is your name next to a picture. For example, my name is Richard Bruce and it is next to a blue butterfly. Click on the picture. My start menu looks like this and there is an arrow pointing to the picture you click on.

Another menu, the User Accounts menu, pops up. Click on the words, "Change the computer theme." Here is a small version of the User Accounts Menu with an arrow pointing to "Change the computer theme."

Another menu, titled Display Properties, pops up. Click on the tab at the top that says "screen saver." The image below is a small version of the Display Properties menu with an arrow pointing to the screen saver tab.

Finally you are at the page where you can choose the screen saver. Below is a full size view of it.

Below the picture of a monitor there is a box that says 3D Flying Objects on the picture above. One of the flying objects a ball that explodes appears on the monitor. If you click on the pointer to the right a menu of screen savers will appear. It looks like this.

With your mouse you can choose any one of these screen savers. Note that 3D Pipes is third on this list. This web site has a number of pages on textures for 3D Pipes. If you want to check these out, or return to my page on textures for your 3D Pipes screen saver this is the link.

But you can do much more than simply choose one of these screen savers. Right next to the box for deciding what screen saver to use, is a box that says settings. There are an enormous number of variations on many of these screen savers, and they are not simply trivial. In fact Windows has many more screen savers built in than you might think.

Well have fun.

This page last revised, November 30, 2005

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