Customizing your 3D Pipes Screen Saver

I like the screen savers for Windows, and one of my favorites is 3D Pipes. I like to see the three dimensional system of pipes grow all over the screen, fade to black, and start over again. Its almost as much fun as watching the aquarium plants in my fish bowl grow. What can I say, I am an exciting guy.

Windows comes with a variety of different screen savers, 3D Flower Box, 3D Flying Objects, and Beziers, for example. You can modify these screen savers in various ways. Vista also has various screen savers but 3D Pipes is not one of them, so this page will not work with the newer Vista.

3D Pipes can by modifyed by choosing a texture. You often see 3D Pipes with solid colors, but you can click on the texture option and you will see a red and white candy cane pattern, if you do not choose another texture. The candy cane pattern is the default.

If you click on the choose texture button you can choose a texture. I have used the Windows Paint program, which you can find under accessories to create some alternative textures which you can use with your 3D pipes screen saver.

If you like the candy cane, or barber shop, pattern then I have those on another page along with instructions on how to use both them and the patterns I have on this page.

On this page I currently have the four textures.

Stripes that run along the pipes, simple but it looks cool. Note that there are really four stripes, but you can not see the white stripe at the bottom.

Rainbow stripes This is similar to the one above, but the colors of the rainbow.

Blue and White Checks, two by two pattern, without black outline.

Red and White Checks, three by three pattern with a black outline.

These patterns look cool as they are, but using the Paint program that you will find under accessories in Windows you can modify them. By using the pouring paint bucket tool form the Windows Paint program you can easily change the color.

Directions for saving these textures to your system and using them in the 3D Pipes screen saver is once again on the candy cane page.

This page last revised May 25, 2008

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