Raising the Dead in Northern California
by Richard Bruce

Many years ago a prayer group I attended had planned a guest speaker from a town about thirty to forty miles a way, but he did not show up. A couple of weeks later our speaker did come. I have not the slightest idea what he spoke about, but I will never forget the reason he gave for not coming.

As he explained to us the son of a woman in his prayer group had been in motor vehicle accident. He was taken to the hospital but the teen flat lined, so he was legally dead. His brain showed no signs of activity for a couple of hours, and he could have been legally taken off the machines. But when the prayer group prayed over his mother, she was acting as her son's proxy, the machine began to register brain activity again. He had been brain dead for about two hours. The teenage boy was still alive and showing some recovery two weeks later when the man who told me this finally showed up to give us the teaching two weeks later.

I spoke to a medical transcriptionist who was a friend of mine. She confirmed that someone who had flat lined for two hours and then came back could reasonably be said to have been raised from the dead. This is way outside of what normally happens.

One might be tempted to call this a resurrection, but technically that term is limited to what happened to Jesus, and will happen to all on the last day. What happened to Lazarus, and perhaps this case could be called a resuscitation.

I never heard about this from any one else. I don't think I ever asked anyone else from the Catholic Charismatic prayer communities of the city where our speaker came from. I should do that. But for now this comes under take it for what it is worth.

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