How to Download Kindle ebooks
from Gutenberg via a PC

This will help you download Kindle books from sources other than Amazon through your PC and a mini USB cable to your Kindle Fire. Two of the most important sources for these older public domain books are Gutenberg and Internet Archive.

I wrote this because Gutenberg says that you should just get rid of your Amazon Fire and buy another tablet. I have a more positive attitude toward Fire. This is their review.

Brief Overview

Connect your Fire to your PC with the mini USB cable. Go to Gutenberg, look up the book, download your preferred Kindle version, illustrated or not illustrated. Go to your download file, move the Kindle book to the desktop. Go back to files, click on this computer, click on Fire, click on internal storage, pick a folder to put your ebook in, for example, books. Drag book icon from the desktop to the now open folder. Change the name of the file to a closer match with the book title. Check your Fire to see that the process worked.

Slow Step by Step

First, plug a USB mini cable and your computer and your Fire tablet.

Second, then go to Gutenberg and find your book. Look down the page until you find the Kindle download options, typically with and without images.

Put the cursor on the Kindle option of your choice, it will turn to a hand with a finger pointing, and a little box below it will say download. Click. At the bottom of your screen, a bar will appear. On the side of the screen nearest your left hand will appear an icon of a paper and next to that pg and a number followed by a period and the letters mobi. For The Picture of Dorian Gray, it said pg174.mobi

A little to the right of that is a hat, ^. Click on the ^ to get a menu. Click on the third option down, "show in folder."

You will see various files, one with a light blue background. If you are having trouble finding it remember it is a mobi file.

If your browser is in full-screen mode, move to the mode where you can see the desktop. Drag the Kindle, mobi, file to the desktop.

Now return to the folder you just moved the file out of. If it has disappeared click on the file icon at the bottom of your screen. Look to your left, you will see options, click on "this PC."

Under devices and drives, you will see an icon that looks like an iPod with ear plugs, it says something and then Fire. Click on this.

Then you are given one option, internal storage, click on it.

Then you are given a choice of many folders, I use the one titled books. Click on the folder of your choice.

Now drag the file from the desktop into the folder.

I usually change the name at this point to something more recognizable. Ok, you are now the proud owner of a free book from Gutenberg.

If you wanted the same thing from the Internet Archive then follow the same instructions and you will get the same results. I find the Internet Archive has important books Gutenberg misses.

Ok, it maybe a little hard the first time, but I think it is a lot easier than buying a new tablet.

Page last updated June 9, 2017