Ways to reach my web pages


1. You can reach this web site on Catholic media through these URLs


2. You can reach my Davis Community Network web page on public access to the Internet in Davis through this URL

dcn.davis.ca.us/~webacces (note that the final s on access is dropped to keep the number of letters to eight.

Search Engines

You can reach the Catholic media web page through Google, Altavista, Dogpile, Hotbot and perhaps some other search engines.

The radio page is on the Open Directory, dmoz.com at consumer information: electronics: audio. This means it should be on other directories which use dmoz. Now to get onto Yahoo! I know, dream on.

Home page

I used to have a web page at http://publiclibrary.catholicweb.com and another at http://publiclibrary.catholicweb.com/index.cfm/NewsItem?ID=49785&From=Home I think they have been taken down and the web site that was hosting them no longer does. At any rate I never developed them much, and have largely forgotten what their purpose was. This not is for me as this the webmaster part of the site.

Mostly works in progress, these are open to the public but not really for the public. Feel free to look. I have taken these off line at least for now.