Linking to this site

This site brings in a lot of hits, more than 100 thousand a year, and while most hits come from Google and other search engines, links bring in many of those hits. Links also help me place high in the Google rankings for key search words.

What is more links can help bring in high quality hits, for example, I am particularly interested in helping EWTN fans get their local EWTN station. If I can provide the information even one person needs to bring in EWTN then this might result in that person listening to hundreds of hours of EWTN programing which will help them live out their Catholic life more fully. Furthermore, once one person knows the techniques they might teach them to others in their parish. If one person in the parish is at the edge of stations signal area all the others will normally have the same problem. The links from the Catholic AM stations maybe giving me an extra couple of thousand hits a year. These hits are particularly encouraging to me and important for the faith.

It is also important that I get links to the page on evangelizing by suggesting Catholic books public libraries. One person can easily get many key Catholic books into their local public library. This can bring people back to the faith as I know because one lady attributed her return to the faith to the books I suggested to the public library.

If you think the information here is valuable and want to link to it, you can, of course, do so without my permission. Some people want you to link to their index page. I want you to link with whatever page you think is most relevant so people can get to the information as quickly as possible. If more than one area of the web site has information that you think might be useful to people, please link to more than one page.

It will help my page rankings if you put good search words in the blue link wording. For example, AM radio reception for the AM pages or Catholic evangelization for the library pages.

If you have a Catholic web site let me note that my web site has received the highest ranking for fidelity from Catholic Culture. This is important because if one links to a site with questionable fidelity to the Pope other web sites may not link to you.

If you have a web site that you think would be particularly relevant for the people using this site you can suggest it in my guest book. I do not want to get in trouble with a site that rates sites for Catholic fidelity so I may not be able to link back to all sites. Those web pages that have a high fidelity rating on Catholic Culture will be given extra consideration.

My web pages are frequently quite high on Google, so a link from me can often put you up at the top of the Google rankings. I have noted that I seem to be have drawn many other AM radio reception pages to the top of Google as I rose to the top.

I have linked with various pages on the appropriate page, that is where you will get the most hits, and a link there will do more for your Google rankings.

Here is the text from an e-mail I got several years ago on radio program recorder. This page seems to have disappeared since then, I think the radio program recorder became obsolete. Still it illustrates the effectiveness of my links.

You put a link to my site on your 'radiovcr.htm' site. I seem to get on average 3 visitors a day from your site and I want to thank you.

(Wow, I am glad to hear so many people are using the link. I always want to hear how successful the links are.)