Theory of history, Decline of the Genes, Rise of the Memes


The Destiny of the Species?

This paper is a giant theory of history and or progress starting with the most primitive single celled life and ending with the take over of intelligent machines. With the exception of this chapter, the last chapter, a few corrections and a little cleaning up it was written in 1980. I was an atheist then. Many will therefore find the point of view as dark, or anti-religioius.

Since then I became relgious and so I have a different view, though with some caveats most of it remains unchanged by the change in my religious views.

I am putting this on line because of the COVID-19 crisis. As I am no longer young my survival is hardly guaranteed so I thought this should be posted on the Internet. Even if this web site is taken down you should be able to find it under on the Internet Archive, also called the Wayback Machine.

Chapter 2, Major Steps Competion to Cooperation

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