This paper has shown that if one follows the logic of our most cherished institutions to their logical conclusion using materialistic assumptions the result is the possible destruction of the human race. I hope that when people fully understand this they will turn again to God.

Let me note that I do not think of this paper as a finished product. I realize that the theory is still very ruff in many places. Furthermore even what I have given you is not clearly written. I wrote it in haste and I hope that my writing has improved since then.

In addition to the natural repugnance that people feel toward optimalism, I hope to convince people to give up secularism by revealing various miracles that have happened to me. As the discovery covered in this paper is clearly the most important in the history of the social sciences what has happened is like a miraculous apparition of the Virgin Mary in which Albert Einstein is the chief visionary. In other words miracles that the scientific world will have difficulty ignoring.

The rest of this chapter will give an example of these miracles.

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