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By Richard Bruce BA, MA, and PhC in Economics
Former Instructor St. John's University, New York City

No Job for Old Men

Joe Bidden is at this writing first in the polls of all the candidates for the Democratic nomination. If he wins the presidency he will be on the first day of office older than any other president was on his last day in office. More specifically he will be two and a half months older than Reagan was when George H. W. Bush took over.

It is generally believed that Reagan was suffering some degree of dementia near the end of his second term. By the time Bidden finishes a second term he will be about a decade older than Reagan was when these symptoms began to appear.

Bernie Sanders another one of the three major contenders is a year and a couple of months older than Bidden. Both these men will be more than eight years older than any previous president by the time they finish a second term.

Or Old Women

The third major democratic candidate, Elizabeth Warren would after two terms be a almost eighty years old, about a couple of years older than Ronald Reagan, and about a year older than Trump would be at the end of his second term. Reagan was and Trump and Warren are all too old for the presidency but Biden and Sanders are far too old.

Ideally a president should be able to finish both terms before their sixty fifth birthday, the traditional retirement age. Kamala Harris could do this, just barely. She has said that she was told to wait her turn. No Kamala, this is the last presidential election that you will be young enough. If this is not your turn, you will not have a turn.

One for the Price of Two

Occasionally the older candidate will say that they will not run for reelection, but that is not much of a deal for the party. If a candidate wins and has a successful first term, the party naturally will want an easy second win.

Biden has said that Trump challenges him on his age he will challenge Trump to a pushup contest. Two men in their seventies doing pushups on a presidential debate stage. Its too late now but Biden missed his calling. He should of been a script writer for professional wrestling.

Look ahead

As we consider age and politicians we need to consider not just are they vigorous now, but will they be vigorous after eight years of office, and a year and a half of campaigning. At this writing we have to think nine and a half years into the future, almost a decade.

Furthermore we have to ask not how will the electorate judge the age of the candidates today, but how they will judge them on election day, a year and a half from now.

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Last updated July 19, 2019

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