Economics Index and Qualifications
By Richard Bruce BA, MA, and PhC in Economics
Former Instructor St. John's University, New York City

Ode to Paul Krugman the Austerian Buster

Yes, Another Pop Culture Krugman Mash Up

To the tune of Ghostbusters

There's something bad in the e-con-o-my.
Who you gonna read, Paul Krugman.
Unemployment's up, and it don't look good.
Who should you believe, Paul Krugman.
Don't believe Austrians.
Don't believe austerians.
Who you gonna read, Paul Krugman.

How will the 3rd world develop? This popular web page lays out the growth path.

Here is an index to my other pages on economics, and a short review of my qualifications in this field.

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Economics Pages

Development Economics-Hopeful Views

This is my most popular economics page. A hopeful look at the prospects for the growth of the 3rd World.
How the 3rd World will become 1st World

A newer look at the prospects for 3rd World growth.

The 3rd World is Growing twice as fast in the new millennium

Why low income nations will quickly become middle income

Gates says the low income category will be largely empty by 2035 This explains why he is right.

More Development Economics-Special Topics

How resources slow economic growth

Light industry, key to rapid growth

Family farms thrive with factories die without them.

Economics of the Developed World

List of Free and Developed Nations Has your country made the club?

Developed and Free, Congratulations Eastern Europe

Democracy, Development, and Peace

A World of Developed Democracies, A World at Peace

Developed democracies a grand old alliance.

China vs USA comparing the numbers


How crime makes America richer and helps us assimilate Muslims