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By Richard Bruce BA, MA, and PhC in Economics

Ocean Giants, Weight Statistics


  • Blue Whale 150,000 kgs (largest whale, largest known animal ever)
  • Sperm Whale 50,000 kgs (largest toothed whale)
  • Beards Beake Whale 11,000 kgs (second largest toothed whale?)
  • Killer Whale 8,000 kgs (largest whale eating whale)


  • Elephant Seal 3,400 kgs (largest bull measured)
  • Walrus 1,800 kgs
  • Steller's Sea Lion 1,100 kgs


  • Steller's Sea Cow 10,000 kgs (recently extinct)
  • West Indian Manatee 1,500 kgs (very large ones)


  • Saltwater Crocodile 770 kgs (typical healthy adult male
    1500 kgs and more possible
  • Leather Back Turtle 900 kgs

    Bony Fish

  • Ocean Sunfish 2300 kgs
  • Atlantic Blue Marlin 820 kgs (largest bony fish that feeds on bony fish)

    Sharks and Rays

  • Whale Shark 21,000 kgs (largest reliably measured)
  • Basking Shark 16,000 kgs (largest reliably measured)
  • Manta Ray 3,000 kgs
  • Great White Shark 2,000 kgs (largest preditory shark)


  • Colossal Squid somewhat larger than a Giant Squid
  • Giant Squid 100s not 1000s of Kgs
  • In the process I am collecting statistics, so why not put them on the Internet. I have given you freely rounded, ball park figures. I am roughly changing figures from pounds or tons to kilograms, kgs.

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