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By Richard Bruce BA, MA, and PhC (ABD)in Economics from University of California

Links to Mere-Christianity versions of the Bible Names Typology Miracle

There are two places where I have set up mere-Christianity versions of the Bible names miracle essay. One is on another web site where I am pretty sure I have removed all references to the Catholic Church. In fact a slightly altered version of the Bible Names Miracle essay is all that one can read unless you fiddle with the url.

The other site, which is about fish bowls, light bulb jokes, and other harmless topics, links to the essay on Bible names, but the essay does not link back to the web site on fish bowls etc. So you can link to the introduction of the Bible names miracle essay on that site secure in the knowledge that all you are leading people to is an essay that provides evidence that God is behind the Bible, and no evidence relevant to debates between Catholics and Protestants.

The mere Christianity version of the Bible names essay is split between two pages. The wording of the introduction is unique because it will be indexed the search engines. The body of the essay is largely identical to what is written on this web site. This web page has a no robots meta tag. This tells the spiders of the search engines not to index it. If you put up two largely identical pages and allow both to be indexed the search engines consider you a spammer and lower your ranking in their search engine. So if you link to the body of the essay the link will work, but it will not effect the search engines. If you link to the introduction then the mere-Christianity version will rise in the search engines. Which is what you would presumably want as an evangelical Christian.

There is also another version of the essay on this web site. There is no reason for you to pay attention to it, it is simply an earlier attempt to do the same thing. If for some unknown reason you prefer to link to that web page it works much the same way that the web site mentioned above works. This page links to it but, there are no links back to the rest of the web site. The url for the introduction is richleebruce.com/miracle/mere/neutral.html. If the reader erases /miracle/mere/neutral.html, and leaves richleebruce.com and then hits return, they can get back to this web site, but there are no links they can hit to get to this web site. The link to that introduction is here.

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