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By Richard Bruce BA, MA, and PhC in Economics

Name Hurricanes after Super Villains

It would be fun to name our Hurricanes after super villains. Hurricane Harvey hit Huston. I thought it was Hurricane Harley and a reference to Harley Quinn, but it Harvey, not Harley. That lead to the thought why not name hurricanes after super villains.

For each year we could choose a theme, for example, Batman's great rogues gallery. We could start with Hurricane Harley, then Hurricane Joker, etc. After a number of years we could cycle to Batman, then we might use other names for the character, Hurricane Quinn, for Harley Quinn, Hurricane Puddin for Joker and so forth.

It might take quite a few years to get back to Batman. We would want to do Superman, Spiderman, Avengers, X-men, and many others. In addition to those outside the Marvel and DC Universes, for example, there are the Bond villains, Hurricane Goldfinger, Hurricane Oddjob, etc.

We might also want to include groups, like Spectre from Bond, Hydra and AIM from Marvel, and Thrush from The Man From Uncle. So we could have Hurricane Cobra from GI Joe. Hurricane Sith from Star Wars.

Alien races would also work and would be good for the year dedicated to Star Trek: Hurricane Borg, Hurricane Romulan, Hurricane Dominion, etc. Marvel and Star Wars could also use this: Hurricane Skrull and Hurricane Hut.

Categories of monsters could also be used. In addition to Hurricane Dracula, we could also have Hurricane Vampire.

I would like to see a year for small monsters, vampires, werewolves, mummies, etc. and one for the large monsters, Hurricane Godzilla, Hurricane Kong, etc.

In additions to the rogues gallery of individual heroes, we could put together groups of heroes. For example, pulp fiction villains: Hurricane Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes, and Hurricane Zaroff from "The Most Dangerous Game."

There are lots of possibilities, with Hollywood and the rest of the commercial fantasy industry coming up with more all the time.

Last edited August 2, 2016

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